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Lane Aviation, Inc., USA – Press Release

Effective June 14, 2021, Lane Aviation, Inc. will take over Micronair sales in the US market. We are proud to continue the legacy of Eric and Joanne Ehlinger of Micronair Rotary Atomiser Sales, LLC. They have set the bar high with their experience and expertise, Lane Aviation intends to continue to provide the excellent support and knowledge provided by the Ehlinger’s. We wish both Eric and Joanne the best and a joyous, relaxing, and well-earned retirement!

Lane Aviation, located in Rosenberg, TX, has been involved in the aerial application industry since 1945. As the largest Air Tractor dealer, we have built a team with unmatched experience and do our best to provide any solution you made need in the quickest manner possible. We are excited to expand with a product line as effective and established as Micron Sprayers Ltd have developed. For US quotes and availability, please contact our Parts Department Manager, Dona Jorden, [email protected] Aviation, Inc.P.O. Box 432 / 3205 FM 2218 RdRosenberg, TX 77471Office Telephone: (281) 342-5451Office Fax: (281) 232 5401Website:

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Tom Bals Announcement

Tom Bals, Managing Director of Micron Sprayers Ltd, is leaving the Company after 40 years of continuous service. Tom, son of founder Edward Bals, joined Micron permanently in 1980 immediately after graduating from Oxford University and undertook various jobs in the Company, including periods working in the US, before becoming Managing Director of Micron in 1988 (jointly with Graham Povey, who retired 10 years ago) and Chairman 5 years later (after the death of his father).

This began a period of great change for Micron, starting with the development of the ULVA+, an improved version of the Company’s core product, and then diversification into migrant pest control, public and animal health, and the Micron Weed Management range of products (underpinned by the acquisition and development of the Micronair, Turbair and Enviromist product ranges). The  significant resources now required to develop global markets had started to constrain prospects for further growth and Goizper (a co-operative from the Basque country), Europe’s leading manufacturer of hand-held sprayers (which complement Micron’s specialist products), was chosen as a partner with greater resources and a long term vision that would support the ongoing growth and development of the Company.

Micron established a global reputation for innovation under the leadership of the Bals family which continues to this day.  Micron has been actively involved globally in the debate regarding the requirement for better, more targeted, application of  agrochemicals, including the need for improved human and environmental protection (with Micron striving since its inception to develop products that help achieve these goals). Micron won many awards during the period Tom was in charge, including a Queens Award to Industry for its sales of equipment for locust control (with the Company currently involved in helping combat the current locust plague, the worst for 70 years, which threatens food security in many African countries, as well as the Middle East, India and Pakistan) and the CWDE Award for long term commitment to sustainable development. Micron has also been very involved in the debate around the increasing regulation of application of agrochemicals, and has been active in various industry and research groups and projects worldwide, including Standards development (with Tom gaining awards from BSI and AEA for his work on developing international Standards for sprayers).

The current Micron UK management team of John Clayton, Haydn Beddows, Anthony Outlaw and Anthony Stanley (under the leadership of Jose Zabala of Goizper), with many decades collective experience and with the backing of the Goizper Group, are ideally placed to lead the Company forward into the future.

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Official: Micron’s sprayers can reduce drift potential by over 90%

Micron Group, manufacturer of low volume precision sprayers for agricultural, horticultural and amenity applications have recently had their range of shielded equipment re-assessed for LERAP (Local Environmental Risk Assessment for Pesticides) Low Drift status by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate. Micron Varidome, Spraydome, Undavina and Spraymiser Boom sprayers (both CDA and HiFlo models) have all achieved a four star LERAP accreditation – the highest rating currently available in the UK – which recognises the sprayers as a DRT (Drift Reducing Technology) with proven drift potential reduction of over 90 percent.

The wind tunnel testing carried out in conjunction with Silsoe Spray Applications Unit to support the LERAP application had shown that the shields actually have the potential to reduce spray drift by over 95 percent, with no drift at all recorded using the Varidome shield and CDA nozzles.

Commenting on this achievement, Tom Bals, Managing Director at Micron, said: “Ever since the inception of our company in 1954, targeted pest control has been at the heart of our business. For decades our research and development efforts have been dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of pesticides through innovative technologies with a particular focus on low volume application – initially via atomisers and sprayers using Controlled Droplet Application technology invented by Micron which is also a DRT. Current demands require increasing precision of product placement through careful spray system selection and our range of shielded band sprayer systems for reducing drift offers users major commercial benefits in terms of targeted application and economy of pesticide usage.”

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Tom Bals, Micron’s Managing Director, receives AEA Technical Standards Distinguished award

Excerpt from AEA Director-General’s Newletter 18/10/2019:

“Tom Bals was presented with a decanter and certificate as a thank you for over 25 years of distinguished service to the industry in the field of International Standards.  Tom is a member of BSI AGE/15, CEN/TC 144/WG3 and ISO/TC 23/SC 6 committees, and has also Chaired many Working Groups internationally.  His exceptional contribution and leadership in the International forum has advanced the AEA standards community in respect of spray technology and pesticide applications.  Tom is Chair of two International Standards working groups and has several times served as Chair of various US standards committees.  He has been instrumental in obtaining International agreement on testing protocol, including the co-operation of the chemicals industry, and on pesticides as they are incorporated in respective application technology.  Tom has brought together academics, scientists, industry representatives, including competitors, and government bodies with a cheeful manner respecting all need to be involved.  The AEA are very grateful for the support given by Tom to the International Standards process and thank him for all the efforts in Europe and with UK legislation he has assisted us with.”

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Celebrating 45 years of service at Micron

Micron would like to celebrate 45 years of service by Louise Green. 

Louise joined the company in October 1974 and remains a key member of the Micron production team responsible for the assembly of the company’s innovative hand-held spraying equipment, which is exported worldwide. 

Micron would like to thank Louise for her many years of dedication and hard work.  Louise is the longest serving employee at Micron and her input has contributed greatly to the company’s success.

IMAGE: Photograph taken during celebrations with the company founder Edward Bals and colleagues following The Queens Award for Industry in 1975

(Louise Green pictured centre)

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HWGTA Apprentice of the Year Award

Following the Hereford & Worcester Group Training Association’s awards evening held at The Courtyard in Hereford on 13th November we are delighted to announce that our own Harry Sheldon has won the Level Two Commerce Apprentice of the Year Award!  We understand that this is the first time the prize has been given to a warehousing apprentice, so we would like to offer double congratulations to Harry on his well deserved award.

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Goizper and Micron are delighted to announce an alliance between these two groups of companies with over 120 years’ experience in the development of spraying equipment.
Goizper Group is a specialist in hand-held and pressure sprayers (offering the well-known Matabi, Osatu, Inter and IK brands).

Micron Group has specialised in low volume application equipment, having invented and developed the use of rotary atomisers for Controlled Droplet Application for portable, vehicle mounted and aerial equipment (under the Micron and Micronair brand names).
Both Goizper and Micron will retain their identity, with no significant change in organisation or commercial policies.

The new alliance offers advanced spraying equipment for agriculture, horticulture, forestry, garden, industrial, migrant pest and public and animal health applications worldwide – from robust sprayers to help millions of smallholder farmers in the developing countries boost crop yields, and protect their health against malaria and other vector borne diseases, to precision farming and aerial spraying systems for large scale agriculture, as well as covering specialised industrial and garden uses.

Both Goizper and Micron are dedicated to providing application equipment that ensures efficient and environmentally responsible spraying – evidenced by their longstanding and worldwide customer bases, including long term supply to aid agencies and governments for public health (e.g. malaria) and migrant pest (e.g. locust) control programmes, and many awards.

The combined range of products and the greater resources of the new alliance will further boost the ability of both companies to build on their past success and further develop application equipment to meet the future needs of growers, users and regulators worldwide for ever greater safety and efficiency in application (with both companies involved in long term R&D programs and development of International Standards). The new alliance, dedicated to progress in technical development of advanced application equipment and with a worldwide capability and reach, is well positioned to help meet future application needs and challenges across the globe.

June 2018

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Celebrating 40 years of service at Micron

Micron Group would like to celebrate 40 years of service by Pat Bickley, who joined the company on 3rd July 1978.

Pat is a key member of Micron’s small finance team and has seen many changes to the business during her time with the company.

The Directors of Micron Group would like to congratulate Pat on this milestone and look forward to the next 40 years!

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Micron Varidome wins BCGA 2017 ‘John Birkenshaw Award’

Micron were announced as the winner of the British Carrot Growers Association 2017 ‘John Birkenshaw Award’ for the most innovative product or service during the technical session at the Onion and Carrot Conference held at the University of Nottingham on 14th November 2017 for the Varidome sprayer.

Micron’s Varidome S3 100HiFlo incorporates patented double-membrane technology that allows farmers to reduce drift, cut costs and improve weed control. The sprayer incorporates a shielded design to minimize spray drift which also means that non-selective products can be used where available. Each shield is mounted on ground following carriages to smoothen the travel and further reduce the drift.

Varidome S3 100HiFlo model represents the culmination of Micron’s innovation and continuous research and development for arable farmers. Specifically aimed at root crops and cereals, the sprayer features a 6 metre hydraulically folding toolbar with ground following carriages fitted with the new innovative Varidome 100HiFlo spray shields which feature a unique patented double membrane skirt around the base. The double membrane has an inner section that prevents spray material coming into contact with the outer section. The shape of the outer section is also tapered each end to push the crop away from the area being treated. These features combined ensure that no spray comes into contact with the outer membrane hence eliminating any risk of chemical transfer into the crop and subsequent crop damage.

To prove their DRT (Drift Reduction Technology) credentials, Micron have conducted extensive wind tunnel testing as a result of which Varidome 100HiFlo shields achieved a 3 star LERAP accreditation – the highest UK rating attainable. Furthermore, the shields actually have the potential to reduce spray drift by over 95%.

As well as its unique shield design, Varidome S3 100HiFlo sprayer incorporates triple shield carriages which allow it to achieve closer shield spacing, making it ideal for work in narrowly planted crops.

Varidome S3 100HiFlo comes with the option of an over-the-row spray line and Micron Dual Spray Tank. The dual spray system means users can simultaneously apply two products – e.g. a non-selective herbicide under the shield and a second product such as selective herbicide, fungicide or insecticide directly over the crop.