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A simple solution for a giant hogweed problem

Giant Hogweed, labelled as the “UK’s most dangerous plant”, has become a major issue that calls for immediate action. First introduced as an ornamental plant in the 19th century, this highly invasive and prolific plant has been usurping Britain’s countryside and has become a particular problem near riverbanks, roadsides and railways. Not only does Giant Hogweed compete with the native species but it is highly toxic and can cause serious burns and blistering to people and animals upon contact with its poisonous sap. 

Micron Group, a leading manufacturer of precision sprayers and applicators, offers a simple yet highly effective solution to this problem. Specifically developed for tackling hollow-stemmed weeds such as Giant Hogweed, Micron’s InjectorDos Pro is a metered-dose stem injector that can deliver a lethal dose of herbicide directly into the stem, allowing for the active ingredient to get rapidly translocated into the root. InjectorDos Pro is safer for both the operator and the environment compared with conventional spraying as there is no risk of spray drift or contamination of soil and watercources. As such, InjectorDos Pro is ideally suited for use near river banks or adjacent to surrounding vegetation which needs to be preserved.   

Working with InjectorDos Pro is easy. Its ergonomic and compact design allows better access to the base of the weed which will be particularly appreciated by users when injecting dense or difficult to reach plants and working on uneven terrain such as riverbanks, ditches or roadsides. InjectorDos Pro is made from stainless steel and is ergonomically shaped to reduce fatigue. The applicator’s trigger requires a minimal amount of pressure to operate thus minimising the risk of repetitive strain injury.

The InjectorDos Pro ‘dial-in’ facility allows operators to dispense a pre-determined metered volume of herbicide formulation between 0.1ml and 2ml per shot. The herbicide is injected directly into the hollow stem of the plant through a robust needle which penetrates the walls with minimal effort. A second shorter and finer needle is provided for smaller shoots and follow on applications. Generally a single 2 ml shot of neat glyphosate is injected into each stem for best results. Giant Hogweed is easiest to treat whilst in its flowering stage before the seeds ripen as this will also translocate the active ingredient into the seed and render it non-viable.

Aimed at the professional user, InjectorDos Pro comes complete with a compact one litre backpack, shoulder strap, funnel and a pair of gloves, all packed in a comfortable carry case.