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Micron precision sprayers to premier at APF event

Micron Group, manufacturers of precision spraying equipment, have announced their inaugural attendance at APF, UK’s leading forestry and arboricultural event which takes place on 18th – 20th September 2014 at Ragley Estate, Warwickshire. Micron plan to showcase a whole host of sprayers and applicators on their stand D6A including the Varidome band sprayer for weed control in tree nurseries, the Enviro range of shielded spraying equipment for arboriculture and amenity and the WeedSwiper device for bracken control.

Suitable for use in tree nurseries and ornamental crops, Micron Varidome has been specifically designed to safely eliminate weeds growing in between the rows of plants. Capable of treating from 3 to 12 metre maximum working widths, the sprayer toolbar is fitted with a number of fully shielded ground-following spray nozzles which can virtually eliminate spray drift. For this reason, non-selective sprays can be used under the hoods which in turn can significantly reduce herbicide costs.  Each sprayer is custom built to suit the required row spacing; a choice of carriages and wheels is available to best match the terrain. Varidome can also be fitted with a second spray line for delivery of selective herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or foliar feeds directly over the row.

Tree nursery growers and amenity professionals will also be able to find out more about the Micron Enviro series of shielded sprayers. Supplied in a choice of HiFlo or CDA spray systems, the circular Undavina and Spraydome models on display incorporate a spring loaded breakaway arm that allows users to spray right up to the base of the trees, plant pots or street furniture, whereas the rectangular Spraymiser model is ideally suited for centre row weed control and amenity applications.

In addition, Micron will be exhibiting its highly popular bracken control solution – the Weedswiper, a non-drip chemical weed wiper. The device features specially engineered material pads which transfer the herbicide onto the bracken strands by direct contact. Weedswiper has built-in sensors and a Hydrostat control system to regulate the product flow to the pads.  Available in 2, 3 and 6 metre working widths, the wiper is operated off a 12 volt power supply and can be tractor or trailer mounted for towing behind an ATV or UTV.

In addition to the company’s vehicle-mounted machinery, visitors will able to see a wide range of back-mounted and hand-held equipment. The models on display will include Micron AU8000 mistblower for tree spraying and foliar applications, Herbidome 600 – a shielded CDA sprayer for weed control in Christmas trees – and AccuDos and AutoDos metered-dose applicators for spot treating trees, plant nurseries and bracken.

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Shielded sprayer for ornamental horticulture to be presented

Manufacturer of precision sprayers and applicators, Micron Group, will present its tractor-mounted Varidome band sprayer and a range of portable equipment for tree nurseries and ornamental crops at this year’s Four Oaks event which takes place on 2nd – 3rd September in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Visitors to Micron’s stand OP32 will be able to see the Varidome S1 mounted on Micron’s 100 litre Tank System. The sprayer uses shielded technology which allows users to safely and accurately target weeds growing between the rows of plants. Varidome’s shields are proven to reduce drift by over 95% which means non-selective herbicides can be put through the sprayer thus significantly reducing chemical cost. The sprayer also offers environmental benefits as the spray is only applied where it is needed. Each Varidome’s shield is mounted on a ground following wheel to further reduce drift and provide better product placement.

The Varidome S1 on display will be fitted with a number of different of shield sizes to demonstrate the sprayer’s versatility for a wide range of applications. New to the show, Micron will reveal the Varidome 100 HiFlo shield for narrowly planted crops such as flowers, seed production and tree nurseries. Fitted with a hydraulic pressure nozzle, the shield is capable of treating inter-rows between 10 to 45 centimetres and can be supplied on a lightweight or heavy duty carriage to suit the terrain.

Micron will also showcase the Herbi range of hand-held sprayers for weed control, the AU8000 atomiser for outdoor insecticide and fungicide treatments and the highly popular Electrafan for pest control in enclosed environments.