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Celebrating 40 years of service at Micron

Micron Group would like to celebrate 40 years of service by Louise Green who joined the company in October 1974.

Louise is a key member of the Micron Production department responsible for the assembly of the company’s innovative hand-held spraying equipment, including world-leading brands such as Ulva+ and Herbi range of sprayers, many of which are exported to Africa and Asia. The company also manufactures an ever expanding range of tractor-mounted equipment which can used locally for weed control in strawberry and cider apple production. 

Louise is currently the longest serving employee at Micron and her input over the years has contributed greatly to the success of the business. Louise is an extremely popular member of the team and celebrations to mark this anniversary will be held at the end of October. The Directors of Micron Group would like to thank Louise for her dedication and hard work and look forward to working with her for many years to come.

IMAGE: Photograph taken during celebrations with the company founder Edward Bals and colleagues following The Queens Award for Industry in 1975

(Louise Green pictured centre)