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Varidome band sprayer for salad onions at LAMMA

Manufacturer of specialist spraying equipment, Micron Group used their stand 112 (Hall 1) at Lamma to introduce its latest Varidome model with new narrow shields for vegetables and other narrowly planted crops.

The 6 metre Varidome S3 band sprayer on display was fitted with a combination of recently released Varidome 100 HiFlo shields and Varidome 170 HiFlo hoods – a fully modular spraying solution which has been specifically designed for work in salad onions. Capable of spraying inter-rows from 100mm to 450mm wide, the new narrow shields were mounted in a triple configuration on a single carriage in order to achieve closer shield spacing and reduce soil compaction. The machine was also fitted with wider Varidome 170 HiFlo hoods for operation in between the beds. The shields were mounted on heavy duty ground following carriages with stainless steel parallelogram linkage and quick release clamps for easy spacing readjustment. In addition, the latest S3 model was fitted with a high intensity discharge LED working light kit for improved visibility allowing users to maximise their spraying time and increase productivity. 

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Micron to debut at Sival with newly appointed Roussel Agri 62

Specialist manufacturer of precision spraying equipment, Micron Group is set to exhibit its innovative range at Sival in conjunction with its recently appointed French distributor Roussel Agri 62. Focusing on efficient plant production, the exhibition takes place in Anger, France on 13-15th January 2015 where the new Anglo-French partnership will showcase a range of Micron’s advanced weed control machinery including Varidome band sprayer and Weedswiper weed wiping device.

The Varidome range of a band sprayers can help growers improve weed control by offering a highly targeted and accurate spraying solution. The sprayers incorporate a fully shielded design which delivers proven 95 percent drift reduction enabling users to safely spray weeds growing in between rows of crops and in wheelings. As product is only applied where it is needed, Varidome can cut chemical usage by as much as fifty percent resulting in significant cost savings.

Each machine is tailor-made to growers’ particular application and its modular construction makes it suitable for a large number of weed control situations including sugar beet, vegetables, oil seed rape and ornamental crops. Customers can choose from a range of toolbars (from 3 to 12 metres), different shield shapes and sizes and lightweight or heavy duty carriages with parallelogram linkage to best suit the terrain and the crop. The manufacturer also offers optional features such a quick release mechanism for easy repositioning of carriages and a dual spray system for applying a second product directly over the rows.

As well as the Varidome range of sprayers, visitors to the stand will be able to find out about Micron’s non-drip weed wiper. Ideal for eradicating volunteer beet in the crop, Weedswiper offers a safe and efficient method of herbicide application. Utilising the height differential between the crop and the weeds, Weedswiper transfers the herbicide onto the target through direct contact with its moistened pads. WeedSwiper’s Hydrostat regulates the supply of herbicide solution into the pads by switching the pump on and off in response to changes in liquid amount in the material, ensuring  it is continually replenished but not over-saturated to cause dripping. Available in 2, 3 and 6 metre working widths, the units can be folded and operated at narrower widths than their maximum working width.

Speaking of its plans for the French market, Group Sales Director at Micron said: “We look forward to exhibiting our innovative, cost-saving sprayers in France and are pleased that our brand will be represented by Roussel Agri 62. Backed by their in-depth industry knowledge and close understanding of customer needs, we are confident that the Weedswiper and Varidome will become established brands in France, synonymous with added value and improved application practice.”