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Micron Group reveals plans for Four Oaks

Leading manufacturers of specialised spraying equipment, Micron Group have revealed their plans to exhibit a range of herbicide and pesticide sprayers for nurseries, glasshouses and polytunnels at this year’s Four Oaks show. Specifically, visitors to the company’s stand B85 will be able to find out more about the Micron AU8000 mistblower, the Electrafan – an air-assisted sprayer – and a range of hand-held CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) equipment including the Herbi 600S for Christmas trees.

Firstly, growers will have the opportunity to find out more about Micron AU8000 mistblower for spraying crops in orchards, polytunnels and glasshouses. The highly efficient Micron AU8000 uses rotary atomiser technology to deliver excellent coverage at Low Volume (LV) and Ultra Low Volume (ULV) application rates. The AU8000 mistblower offers adjustable droplet size and good penetration of plant canopy for optimum results. The CDA atomiser produces droplets of a controlled size range which minimises spray drift and reduces the amount of liquid required. As well as ensuring that the maximum amount of spray is deposited where it is needed, the AU8000 eliminates the problem of run-off and greatly assists in the control of chemical residues on fruit and vegetables.

Polytunnel and greenhouse growers will also be able to see the Electrafan – a hand-held, air-assisted sprayer specifically designed for hot spot pest control in enclosed environments. The sprayer incorporates a spinning disc atomiser and a fan, a combination of which produces a directed airflow of small evenly-sized droplets capable of up to a 6 metre reach. Available in battery or mains operated versions to eliminate strenuous pumping, the Electrafan can apply both Low Volume water-based (LV) and Ultra Low Volume (ULV) formulations, making it a highly efficient and economical choice.

In addition, Micron Group will be displaying a number of other hand-held precision weed control solutions for horticultural and general use including the Herbi 600S, a battery-operated CDA sprayer aimed at Christmas tree growers. Featuring a 600mm wide shield to fully protect the valuable tree plantings from spray drift, the Herbi 600S also incorporates a CDA atomiser which awards users all the benefits associated with low volume technology. This includes reduced labour requirements thanks to the sprayer’s minimal water requirement and less frequent refilling operation.