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Official: Micron’s sprayers can reduce drift potential by over 90%

Micron Group, manufacturer of low volume precision sprayers for agricultural, horticultural and amenity applications have recently had their range of shielded equipment re-assessed for LERAP (Local Environmental Risk Assessment for Pesticides) Low Drift status by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate. Micron Varidome, Spraydome, Undavina and Spraymiser Boom sprayers (both CDA and HiFlo models) have all achieved a four star LERAP accreditation – the highest rating currently available in the UK – which recognises the sprayers as a DRT (Drift Reducing Technology) with proven drift potential reduction of over 90 percent.

The wind tunnel testing carried out in conjunction with Silsoe Spray Applications Unit to support the LERAP application had shown that the shields actually have the potential to reduce spray drift by over 95 percent, with no drift at all recorded using the Varidome shield and CDA nozzles.

Commenting on this achievement, Tom Bals, Managing Director at Micron, said: “Ever since the inception of our company in 1954, targeted pest control has been at the heart of our business. For decades our research and development efforts have been dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of pesticides through innovative technologies with a particular focus on low volume application – initially via atomisers and sprayers using Controlled Droplet Application technology invented by Micron which is also a DRT. Current demands require increasing precision of product placement through careful spray system selection and our range of shielded band sprayer systems for reducing drift offers users major commercial benefits in terms of targeted application and economy of pesticide usage.”