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Tom Bals, Micron’s Managing Director, receives AEA Technical Standards Distinguished award

Excerpt from AEA Director-General’s Newletter 18/10/2019:

“Tom Bals was presented with a decanter and certificate as a thank you for over 25 years of distinguished service to the industry in the field of International Standards.  Tom is a member of BSI AGE/15, CEN/TC 144/WG3 and ISO/TC 23/SC 6 committees, and has also Chaired many Working Groups internationally.  His exceptional contribution and leadership in the International forum has advanced the AEA standards community in respect of spray technology and pesticide applications.  Tom is Chair of two International Standards working groups and has several times served as Chair of various US standards committees.  He has been instrumental in obtaining International agreement on testing protocol, including the co-operation of the chemicals industry, and on pesticides as they are incorporated in respective application technology.  Tom has brought together academics, scientists, industry representatives, including competitors, and government bodies with a cheeful manner respecting all need to be involved.  The AEA are very grateful for the support given by Tom to the International Standards process and thank him for all the efforts in Europe and with UK legislation he has assisted us with.”