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Micron Varidome wins BCGA 2017 ‘John Birkenshaw Award’

Micron were announced as the winner of the British Carrot Growers Association 2017 ‘John Birkenshaw Award’ for the most innovative product or service during the technical session at the Onion and Carrot Conference held at the University of Nottingham on 14th November 2017 for the Varidome sprayer.

Micron’s Varidome S3 100HiFlo incorporates patented double-membrane technology that allows farmers to reduce drift, cut costs and improve weed control. The sprayer incorporates a shielded design to minimize spray drift which also means that non-selective products can be used where available. Each shield is mounted on ground following carriages to smoothen the travel and further reduce the drift.

Varidome S3 100HiFlo model represents the culmination of Micron’s innovation and continuous research and development for arable farmers. Specifically aimed at root crops and cereals, the sprayer features a 6 metre hydraulically folding toolbar with ground following carriages fitted with the new innovative Varidome 100HiFlo spray shields which feature a unique patented double membrane skirt around the base. The double membrane has an inner section that prevents spray material coming into contact with the outer section. The shape of the outer section is also tapered each end to push the crop away from the area being treated. These features combined ensure that no spray comes into contact with the outer membrane hence eliminating any risk of chemical transfer into the crop and subsequent crop damage.

To prove their DRT (Drift Reduction Technology) credentials, Micron have conducted extensive wind tunnel testing as a result of which Varidome 100HiFlo shields achieved a 3 star LERAP accreditation – the highest UK rating attainable. Furthermore, the shields actually have the potential to reduce spray drift by over 95%.

As well as its unique shield design, Varidome S3 100HiFlo sprayer incorporates triple shield carriages which allow it to achieve closer shield spacing, making it ideal for work in narrowly planted crops.

Varidome S3 100HiFlo comes with the option of an over-the-row spray line and Micron Dual Spray Tank. The dual spray system means users can simultaneously apply two products – e.g. a non-selective herbicide under the shield and a second product such as selective herbicide, fungicide or insecticide directly over the crop.