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Micron Group to showcase fruit and vine sprayers

Micron Group, manufacturer of specialist precision spraying equipment, will be exhibiting its range of sprayers for vineyards, soft fruit and orchards at this year’s Fruit Focus event (stand 354). For the first time at the show, the company will be showcasing its shielded high flow Enviro equipment for weed control. Visitors will also be able to find out more about Micron tank systems, air-assisted Turbofan spray heads and a range of hand-held sprayers. 

The Micron Enviro series of sprayers, now available in high pressure nozzle and CDA atomiser versions, incorporate a fully shielded design to fully minimise the risk of spray drift. The Undavina and Spraydome models on display feature a spring loaded breakaway arm that allows users to spray right up to the base of the trees or bushes without causing mechanical damage to the plants whilst the Spraymiser model is designed for weed control in the centre row. Available in various sizes to suit different applications, Micron Enviro sprayers can be ATV, UTV or tractor mounted.

To complement its sprayer range, Micron Group will be exhibiting its tank systems for ATVs and tractors. All Micron tanks incorporate pumping, agitation, filtration and cleansing systems and are suitable for low and high volume applications. The company offers a choice of different tank capacities with front or rear mounting options.

In addition, Micron Group will be showcasing Turbofan – an air-assisted CDA spray head for fungicide and insecticide applications in blackcurrants and strawberries. Turbofan incorporates a rotary atomiser which is driven by a compact hydraulic motor. The spray head has a built-in axial fan which produces a powerful yet directed air stream to convey spray to the target. Turbofan ensures maximum placement of spray in the canopy while minimising the risk of spray drift.