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Micron to exhibit sprayers for black-grass control

Micron Group, manufacturer of precision spraying equipment, will be at Cereals (stand number 2-B-210) to exhibit its specialist range of agricultural sprayers and tank systems. Visitors to the stand will be able to find out how Micron sprayers can help farmers keep black-grass at bay with their Varidome band sprayer for row-grown crops and shielded Spraydome equipment for field margin demarcation. 

With black-grass reaching a new phase of herbicide resistance and fewer active ingredients available to address the problem, the Varidome range of band sprayers can offer the perfect weed control solution in row crops such as oil seed rape and sugar beet. Thanks to its shielded design, the sprayer offers virtually zero drift and impressive target accuracy which means users can apply non-selective herbicides to treat the inter-row. Each shield is mounted on an individual parallelogram linkage with a ground-following wheel. This ensures that the hoods stay in close contact to the ground whilst spraying, further minimising the risk of spray drift.

With the Varidome S5 – the 9 metre machine – being showcased at Cereals, the sprayer is also available in three and six metre maximum working widths to suit different set ups. The Varidome S5 on display will be fitted with an optional Dual Spray System which comes with a second spray line and a twin tank. The system allows operators to simultaneously treat the crop with a selective herbicide, liquid feed, fungicide or insecticide over the row whilst applying a non-selective herbicide under the shield in between the rows. The Dual Tank offers a combined 1800 litre capacity with each tank being fitted with separate intake, induction, pumping, mixing and filtration systems.

Micron will also be displaying its circular Spraydome sprayer for field margin spraying. The practice of delineating crop margins separates the eco-rich field borders and the cultivated area thus eliminating the opportunity for persistent weeds such as black-grass establishing themselves in the crop. The Spraydome design incorporates a durable polymer shield to eliminate drift and provide accurate weed targeting. This also makes it ideal for use with non-selective herbicides to deliver a weed free strip which acts as a barrier between the field margin and the crop. Available in (Controlled Droplet Application) and conventional pressure nozzle variants, the Spraydome can be tractor, UTV and ATV-mounted and is suitable for other general weed control tasks such as pathway and fence line spraying.

In addition, visitors will be able to see the Undavina and Spraymiser shielded sprayers and the Weedswiper, a non-drip weed wiper for controlling weeds in pasture and sugar beet.

To complement its sprayer range, Micron will also be showcasing its 100 litre Tank System for tractors and sixty litre Tank System for ATVs. Both tanking solutions incorporate self-contained pumps, agitation and filter systems and flushing tanks.