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Micron’s ground following sprayers to be showcased at Fruit Focus

Micron Group, precision spraying specialists, have announced their plans for this year’s Fruit Focus event. For the first time at the show, the manufacturer will use its stand 340 to showcase its Enviro range of ground following sprayers for weed control in fruit and vines. Visitors to the stand will also be able to see the Turbofan and AU8000 sprayers for foliar treatments, as well as the Micron Tank System 100L.

The Enviro range of shielded sprayers on display will be mounted on ground following carriages. This new feature enables the shield to follow the contours of the ground subsequently minimising spray drift on uneven terrain and ensuring a better distribution of spray liquid. Now available in a choice of HiFlo (hydraulic pressure nozzle) or CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) spray systems, Enviro sprayers feature a freely rotating shield and a breakaway arm which gently deflects and rolls the shield around the base of the trees or vines, thus reducing the risk of mechanical damage and ensuring excellent spray results right up to the plant.

As well as the Enviro range for herbicide applications, the company will be showcasing its sprayers for foliar treatments. Visitors looking for a vehicle-mounted solution will be able to find out more about the Turbofan – an air-assisted CDA spray head for fungicide and insecticide applications. Highly suitable for use in soft and top fruit where good crop penetration is desired, Turbofan features a hydraulically-driven rotary atomiser and a built-in axial fan which produces a powerful yet directed air stream to convey spray to the target.
In addition, Micron Group will be exhibiting the Micron AU8000 mistblower for spraying crops in orchards, polytunnels and glasshouses. Its rotary atomiser technology delivers excellent coverage at Low Volume and Ultra Low Volume application rates. The AU8000 offers adjustable droplet size and good penetration of plant canopy for optimum results.

IMAGE: Micron’s 100 litre tank system with available Enviro shield options on ground following carriages.