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Micron launches Varidome band sprayer for vegetables

At the recent Cereals event, Micron Group – manufacturer of specialist spraying equipment – presented its latest Varidome model which has been specifically designed for treating weeds in vegetables and other narrowly planted crops.

The Varidome S3 band sprayer on display was fitted with the new narrow design Varidome 100 HiFlo shields which are capable of spraying inter-rows from 100mm to 450mm wide. The sprayer was also equipped with a second spray line for applying a different product directly over the row. Varidome has a modular design which means the sprayer can be specifically tailored to users’ needs and crop. The carriage spacing and spray width can be easily adjusted on each individual spray head. Furthermore, Varidome machines aimed at vegetables can be fitted with the narrow Varidome 100 HiFlo shields for spraying between the rows of crop and the wider reach Varidome 170 HiFlo shields positioned in between the beds. Circular shields with breakaway arms are also available for mounting onto the Varidome toolbar for situations where a slight sideways movement of the shield is required – for example, herbicide application in between raised beds or within tall crops like in-fern asparagus. 

IMAGE: Micron Varidome for Vegetables.jpg