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Micron launches the InjectorDos Pro Service Kit

Micron Group, a leading manufacturer of no-drift sprayers and applicators, has recently added the InjectorDos Pro Service Kit to its product portfolio. The Service Kit contains all the springs, valves and seal rings used inside of the Micron InjectorDos Pro applicator and allows users to replace the worn parts without the requirement to purchase a new unit.

Specifically designed for the amenity professional, Micron InjectorDos Pro is an injection applicator for eradicating hollow-stem weeds such as Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed. Featuring a “dial-in” facility which enables the operator to dispense a repeatable 0.1-2ml dose per shot via a robust needle, the InjectorDos Pro provides a safe and effective way to inject invasive weeds in situations where spray applicators are not suitable, for example, sensitive areas near watercourses and working environments where adjacent foliage needs to be preserved.

InjectorDos Pro body is made from stainless steel and is ergonomically shaped to reduce fatigue. The seals supplied within the unit and the Service Kit are resistant to agro-chemicals to ensure applicator durability. The injector is supplied with a one litre backpack and two needles – a regular needle for initial treatments and a finer one for treating re-growth.