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Micron to unveil the new three section band sprayer at LAMMA 2012

Micron Group has revealed it will be launching its latest innovation Varidome S3 – a three section inter-row sprayer – at the 2012 LAMMA event. In addition, the company will use its stand 183 in Hall 1A to showcase its other agricultural and horticultural products including the single section Varidome S1, Enviromist range of shielded CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) spraying equipment, the highly acclaimed, unique non-drip WeedSwiper and the Herbi range of hand-held sprayers.

The new innovative Varidome S3 is a shielded, three section CDA band sprayer which has been specifically designed for drift free spraying of weeds between crops at low or medium volumes. Offering improved spray accuracy, efficiency and minimised dose rates, Varidome S3 is capable of treating three beds at a time and is suitable for use in carrots, onions, leeks, parsnips, ornamental plants, tree nurseries and potentially maize and OSR. Varidome S3 can also be used as a full width band sprayer for efficient field scale operations.

Varidome S3 comes equipped with either shielded rotary atomisers that produce optimum-sized spray droplets for maximum spraying efficiency or conventional pressure nozzles. Thanks to its versatile design, spray width is fully adjustable on each individual head enabling operators to treat desired inter-row and wheeling widths. Varidome S3 can spray inter-row widths from 100mm to 800mm and bed widths from 1.3m to 2m wide (up to a total width of 6 metres). The toolbar configuration can be easily changed to suit the type of crop and can be rear or front mounted. When not in use, hydraulic cylinders lock individual heads for safe transportation.

Varidome S3 features shielded spray heads which follow the contours of the ground to prevent spray drift outside the target areas and enable application selectivity by equipment design rather than by chemical. This means operators are able to use broad spectrum herbicides in situations where normally only a selective herbicide would have been suitable.
Following its successful launch at Cereals 2011, Varidome S1 – the single section unit for use in vegetables and other row-grown plants and crops – is also available and will too be on display at LAMMA. The machine offers users the benefits and features of Varidome S3 and is ideal for smaller width applications. Varidome S1 can spray beds up to 2m wide and delivers reduced chemical usage and increased target accuracy.

As well as the Varidome sprayers, visitors to the Micron Group stand will be able to see the versatile Enviromist range which is suitable for a wide range of applications including soft and top fruit, cider orchards, vineyards and general farm weed control. Featuring advanced and proven CDA technology, the Enviromist range offers minimised spray drift, increased chemical efficiency and enhanced spray accuracy. Additional benefit includes increased productivity due to reduced water requirement.

Micron Group will also be showcasing the WeedSwiper – the unique non-drip weed wiper for the control of weeds in horticultural crops, pasture, amenity and conservation areas. WeedSwiper delivers non-drip contact with weed foliage via herbicide-moistened pads. Made from a high quality absorbent material, the pads provide a large contact surface which enables to control weeds selectively on contact. Sensor controls ensure that the pads are continually moistened for maximum effective transfer of herbicide but never oversaturated to cause dripping. WeedSwiper is available in 2m, 3m and 6m folding units and can be tractor-mounted or trailed behind an ATV.

Speaking of the company’s plans for the LAMMA show, Ausra Landey, Group Marketing Manager at Micron said: “We are really excited about introducing our new three section band sprayer to the industry and LAMMA, as the UK’s leading agricultural event, provides the perfect platform for this. Varidome S3 is the result of extensive research, Research and Development consultation with customers and understanding their changing needs. As well as launching our latest innovation, LAMMA provides us with a great opportunity to meet customers old and new, discuss the challenges they face and how we at Micron could help to resolve these with our forward thinking and innovative technology.”