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Micron Group to showcase sprayers for fruit and vine growers

Micron Group, a leading manufacturer of low-volume sprayers, has confirmed its attendance at this year’s Fruit Focus Event where the company will showcase its range of CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) sprayers for vineyards and orchards on stand number 356.

Visitors to Micron’s stand will be able to find out more about the Micron Enviro range – low-volume, shielded sprayers for treating weeds in vineyards, cider apple orchards and high value berry fruit crops such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackcurrants. Specifically, Micron staff will be demonstrating the Spraymiser model for centre-row weed control and circular Undavina and Spraydome units for spraying round bushes, trees and vines.

All Micron Enviro sprayers combine a rotary disc atomiser and a shielded design to help control spray drift and safeguard overhanging branches or stems from damage. CDA atomisers break up the spray liquid into evenly-sized droplets that are delivered right to the target whereas the shields ensure precision application, minimise drift and protect the surrounding area from chemical contact. Micron Enviro sprayers offer significantly reduced spray volumes (as little as 15 litres/ha) and can be mounted on ATVs and compact tractors.

Micron Enviro technology led to the development of Flexidome which is used for weed control in Spanish tunnels. A five bed tunnel can be sprayed in two passes including the leg row and has been supplied to the UK’s top strawberry growers.

As well as its shielded range, Micron Group will be showcasing Turbofan – an air-assisted CDA spray head for low-volume fungicide and insecticide applications in blackcurrants and strawberries. Turbofan incorporates a rotary atomiser which is driven by a compact hydraulic motor. The spray head has a built-in axial fan which produces a powerful yet directed air stream to convey spray to the target. Turbofan ensures maximum placement of spray in the canopy while minimising the risk of spray drift.

Other low-volume sprayers on display will include the Micron AU8000 sprayer – a highly efficient knapsack mistblower with rotary atomiser technology which offers excellent coverage and penetration at low and ultra low volumes. The AU8000 unit consists of a powerful mistblower fitted with a rotary atomiser to ensure efficient spray atomisation and good control over droplet size. The strong airblast combined with good control over droplet size makes it ideal for spraying in situations where good throw, coverage and penetration are required, making it ideal for use in orchards and vineyards.

Moreover, Micron will be displaying a range of hand-held battery-powered CDA sprayers for band spraying in vineyards and orchards. Lightweight and economical, Micron hand-held products are particularly suited for growers with smaller areas and hilly terrains.

Commenting on the company’s attendance at the show, Ausra Landey, Group Marketing Manager at Micron said: “We have extensive experience in the development and the production of low volume sprayers for orchards and vineyards. This is reflected in the breadth of our product portfolio with something to satisfy the requirements of most growers. Not only does Fruit Focus present an excellent opportunity to showcase our range, it is the perfect forum for us to obtain valuable customer feedback which could shape our future product developments.”