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Micron Group to showcase its agricultural sprayers at Cereals

Demonstrating its commitment to agriculture, pioneers and manufacturers of CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) spraying equipment, Micron Group revealed plans to exhibit at Cereals 2012. At this high profile industry event, the company will use its stand B206 to showcase the Enviromist, WeedSwiper and Varidome products aimed at the agricultural sector.

Visitors to the stand will be able to see the recently launched Varidome S3, a shielded inter-row sprayer for weed control in OSR and vegetables. Since its introduction at Lamma 2012, the unit has generated a lot of interest and positive feedback from the industry owing to its impressive advantages.

Capable of treating three beds at a time, Varidome S3 can spray variable inter-row widths from 170mm to 700mm and bed widths from 1.3m to 2m wide (up to a total width of 6 metres). The spray width is fully adjustable on each individual head; the toolbar configuration can also be easily changed to suit the type of crop.

In addition to its standard configuration, the unit being exhibited at Cereals will feature a dual spray system to enable simultaneous application of two different products, thus greatly increasing productivity. For example, users could treat the inter-row with a contact weed spray contained under the shield whilst applying a selective spray over-row at the same time.

Micron staff will also be promoting the Spraydome, Undavina and Spraymiser equipment for tackling weeds in a variety of agricultural situations. Part of the Enviro range, the sprayers combine a shielded design and Micron’s proven CDA technology to offer users improved spraying efficiency, reduced water requirement and minimised risk of spray drift.

Available in a range of diameters, the Spraydome features flexible plastic domes to virtually eliminate spray drift, making it particularly suited for field margin spraying and the demarcation of public footpaths across cultivated areas. The unit incorporates Enviro’s “breakaway” system which gently deflects and rolls around any trees encountered in the way, safeguarding them from mechanical abrasion and herbicide damage.

The “breakaway” system is also incorporated in the Undavina design – an Enviro range sprayer with a soft vinyl spray hood shielding the CDA atomiser. This combination makes Undavina ideal for spraying along the fence lines, ensuring excellent reach right up to and around the fence posts.

Next in the Enviro range is the Spraymiser which is particularly suited for pathway spraying due its oblong shape. The sprayer provides outstanding weed control at low volumes using its vertically mounted CDA spray heads that allow for a low profile shield to fit around them to virtually eliminate spray drift.

The Spraymiser can be used in conjunction with the circular Undavina or Spraydome units to achieve wider spray widths where required and to simultaneously treat pathways and fence lines. All Enviro units feature a flow control system with a light indicator to monitor the correct functioning of the spray head. The Enviro sprayers can be ATV or tractor mounted to suit users’ requirements.

As well as the Enviro and Varidome sprayers, agricultural growers will be able to find out more about Micron’s WeedSwiper. Available in 2m, 3m and 6m folding units, the WeedSwiper is a non-drip weed wiper which provides a safe and cost-effective solution for the control of tall weeds in pasture, sugar beet and amenity grass. The WeedSwiper delivers non-drip brush contact with weed foliage via herbicide-moistened pads. Produced from a high quality material with premium fluid retention properties, the 6 inch deep pads provide a three-dimensional reservoir of active ingredient and offer a large herbicide transfer area. Sensor controls ensure that the pads are continually moistened for maximum effective transfer of herbicide but never oversaturated to cause dripping, irrespective of travel speed or weed density.

Besides its vehicle-mounted range, Micron Group will be displaying a broad range of hand-held sprayers and weed wipers some of which will be available for purchase off the stand at a discount. The products on display will include the Herbi range of battery-operated CDA sprayers for a wide range of agricultural and general weed control applications and the Micron AU8000 mistblower for low and ultra low volume spraying in orchards and greenhouses.

Commenting of Micron’s attendance at Cereals, Ausra Landey, Group Marketing Manager said: “Coming up with effective and innovative solutions has always been one of the driving factors of our business. Our broad product portfolio is as diverse as our customers’ varying needs to enable us to cater for most agricultural weed control operations, large and small. We are pleased to be able to showcase our comprehensive agricultural range at this important event and look forward to welcoming visitors onto our stand to discuss their individual requirements.” 

Image: The new Varidome S3 with dual spray system