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Micro-system bags gold at Polagra-Premiery exhibition

Micro-system, Micron Group’s Polish distributor, has won a Gold medal at Polagra-Premiery agricultural exhibition in Poland with its innovative sprayer T430Osza. The judges were impressed with the sprayer’s modern design and effectiveness.

A result of close collaboration with Lukomet, specialists in greenhouse equipment production, the Micro-system T430Osza sprayer has been specifically designed for fungicide and insecticide spraying in greenhouses. Its robust construction holds a Honda LPG engine to power the sprayer, a 70 litre tank and modern electronic steering. The sprayer uses Micron’s proven Electrafan heads which provide considerable cost-savings over conventional nozzle sprayers. Incorporating CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) technology, each Electrafan head features a rotary atomiser and a fan which helps to carry the spray droplets to the target, producing a spraying pattern of evenly-sized droplets. Each atomiser has an independent feeding system for consistent output, regardless of the spraying speed. The Electrafan heads are mounted on an expandable mast which allows users to easily change the position and the height of individual atomisers.

It is paramount to maintain stable climate conditions in the greenhouse, and the T430Osza keeps the variation in humidity levels to a minimum thanks to the sprayer’s low liquid consumption. The Electrafan spray heads use a fraction of water that would be required by a conventional sprayer – just 60 to 120 l/ha compared to a more typical 1200 l/ha. Chemical usage can also be reduced by up to 70% whist still providing excellent crop coverage.

The T430Osza runs on standard rail tracks which are fitted in most greenhouses. The sprayer treats one side of the row going up, and the other side on the way back. Users can program up to four lane lengths and adjust the spraying speed which can be set between 1 to 60 m/s.

The unit boasts a compact and lightweight design and is fitted with rubber wheels to reduce damage to the rails.