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The Micronex is a simple and compact attachment that can be fitted to a variety of motorised mistblowers to allow low and ultra low volume CDA spraying.  The X1 atomiser disc (driven by the airstream from the mistblower - at between 8,000 rpm and 12,000 rpm dependent on the air velocity) produces small, even-sized spray droplets which are entrained in the airstream and carried to the target.  The unit is suitable for ULV (Ultra Low Volume) application at volume rates typically between 0.5 - 3.0 l/ha or for use with water miscible products at low volume rates typically in the range 10 - 20 l/ha.

The attachment can be supplied in a basic version without a handle and the Micronex Flo version which features a handle with an on/off trigger valve and in-line filter. The Micronex Flo also comes with interchangeable orifice restrictor plates to regulate flow rate.

Spray can be projected up to 8 metres in height or can cover swath widths of up to 50m when spraying with a prevailing wind to target insect pests in crop or open vegetation.


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35 cm  
14 cm (Guard)  
350g (Basic version)
739g (Flo version)
Air inlet tube diameter: 
60 - 68 mm  
Chemical flowrate: 
0.05 - 0.3 l/min  
Spray droplet size:  
 50 - 100 µm VMD  (depending on air velocity)