Varidome Tractor Mounted Shielded Band Sprayer

Varidome is a range of shielded inter-row sprayers for eradicating weeds growing in between rows and wheeling areas. Varidome is suitable for use in oil seed rape, sugar beet, maize, onions, carrots, parsnips, leeks and many other crops including ornamentals, herbs and tree nurseries.

Varidome design incorporates shielded heads which can be individually adjusted to allow operators to treat variable inter-row widths. The toolbar configuration can also be easily changed to fit different row widths and bed heights.

Varidome is available in the following options:

Varidome S1 – the single section unit which allows growers to spray widths of up to 3m. Varidome S1 comes with a choice of CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) or hydraulic pressure nozzle spray systems. 

Varidome S3, Varidome S5 and Varidome S7 come equipped with pressure nozzles and can treat up to 6, 9 and 12 metres respecitively.

A choice of oval and circular shields is offered to cater for a wide range of crop spacing.

We purchased Varidome S3 with Dual Spray System for use in oil seed rape and sugar beet to help us control our worst weed, black grass, as well as volunteer OSR or weed beet. Utilising RTK GPS, we could drill both crops at maximum accuracy with a row spacing of 50cm. We use the same A-B lines for the Varidome and band spray a desiccant, such as Diquat, between the rows and the prescribed chemical on the row all at the same time. If done at an early growth stage, Varidome can reduce your chemical costs by up to 60%. With the saving in chemicals, as well as the increase in yield potential on both growing crop and subsequent crops, this machine can see a payback time of as little as two years.

Edd Banks, Partner
Thomas Banks & Partners

To get the best out of any crop protection input, one needs to have an effective sprayer. Equally important is the need to pay careful attention to the sprayer set-up. With inter-row herbicide spraying, accurate set-up is hugely important to minimise off-target spray. Investigating the possibilities for inter-row spraying of Syngenta hybrid barley, I have been impressed by the simplicity and speed with which one can make set-up changes to the Varidome.

The shrouds can be removed in seconds, which makes calibration, nozzle checking, and nozzle changing quick and easy. 

Shroud height is important (25mm), but the setting will vary from field to field depending on the seed bed. The Varidome achieves this by a single ‘no tools necessary’ clamp on each shroud leg. Getting the clearance correct on each leg is again a matter of seconds.

Shroud angle is set using the same clamp as the height setting, and etched lines on the top of the shroud make consistent angle setting straight forward.

Mr Tom Robinson, Consultant 

We have two Varidome Hybrids for asparagus and a Varidome 100HiFlo model for salad onions.

With a particular problem with thistles and mare’s tale in asparagus, we wanted a machine for controlling weeds post-harvest, without getting chemical onto the foliage. With Varidome Hybrid, we are able to control weeds under the asparagus canopy, right up to the base of the plants and over the entire contour of the beds. We can subsequently make second applications when the fern is high.

Varidome 100HiFlo for onions allows us to apply chemicals directly onto the weeds without contact onto the flag leaf and subsequent crop damage, whilst achieving good control. Furthermore, it has increased the window of opportunity for us to spray the crops as it is not affected by wind.
We looked at alternative machines and were of the opinion that Micron offered a good quality build of the machine and a much more advanced parallelogram system on the individual carriages with the narrow domes. The unique rubber shrouds on the bottom of the shields could not be matched by any other manufacturer either.

We estimate the machines will have paid for themselves within two years.

Mr Simon Stockdale
Sandfields Farms Ltd


 Varidome S1Varidome S3Varidome S5Varidome S7
Implement Requirement:12 volt 3 amp supply; Single hydraulic service12 volt 3 amp supply; Min. 3 hydraulic services12 volt 3 amp supply; Min 3 hydraulic services12 volt 3 amp supply; Min 3 hydraulic services
Tank Capacity:Single: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 LSingle: 300, 400, 500, 600 and 1200LDual: 1800L (1050/750L)Single: 600 and 1200LDual: 1800L (1050/750L)Single: 1200LDual: 1800L (1050/750L)
Vehicle Mounting:3 point linkage: CAT2, front or rear3 point linkage: CAT2, front or rear3 point linkage: CAT2, rear only3 point linkage: CAT2, rear only
Spraying System:CDA or hydraulic pressure nozzleHydraulic pressure nozzleHydraulic pressure nozzleHydraulic pressure nozzle
Inter-row Width:80mm – 800mm100mm – 700mm100mm – 100mm100mm – 700mm
Working Width:Up to 3mUp to 6mUp to 9mUp to 12m
Min Tractor Requirement:35 kW75 kW90 kW135 kW