ULV Droplet Sizes And Flying Insect Control

ULV Droplet Sizes And Flying Insect Control

For control of flying insects such as mosquitoes, research shows that a narrow, controlled spray droplet spectrum is most effective.  Smaller droplets tend not to impact on the insects, while larger droplets tend to sediment out too quickly and are lost. 

It is therefore important that the spray droplets produced by ULV generators are predominantly within this diameter range.


Droplet size distribution from typical

Pressure nozzlePressure nozzles produce a wide range of droplet sizes; many are too small or too large to be fully effective.
Rotary atomiserRotary atomisers produce a tighter droplet spectrum, ensuring that almost all droplets are in the effective size range

Micron and Micronair rotary atomisers produce spray droplets of very uniform size, predominantly within the optimum size range required for effective ULV flying insect control.