TurbofanTurbofan Air Assisted CDA Rotary Atomiser SprayerTurbofan

Turbofan Air Assisted CDA Rotary Atomiser Sprayer

Air-Assisted Spray Head for Low Volume Spraying  

The Turbofan spray head is a hydraulically driven air assisted atomiser which combines advanced Controlled Droplet Application technology with a powerful directed airblast for effective application in a wide variety of crops and cropping situations.  This includes bush and vine crops and field crops which require good spray coverage and canopy penetration for effective pest and disease control.  The improved coverage obtained from the Controlled Droplet Application means that significantly lower spray volumes can be used giving consequent increases in efficiency and productivity.

Turbofan heads can be fitted to a variety of existing sprayer types, including axial fan airblast units and both tractor-mounted and self-propelled boom sprayers.  The Turbofan head is available with a choice of easily interchangeable atomisers (either gauze mesh or stacked disc) in order to give optimal atomisation over a wide range of flow rates – between 0.25 and 8.0 litres per minute.  This gives the unit the versatility to apply chemicals at application rates from Ultra Low Volume (ULV) to high volume.  The directed airblast ensures maximum placement of spray in the canopy while minimising the risk of spray drift.

The Turbofan can also be supplied in a retrofit kit for existing sprayers or as part of a complete sprayer. 


The Turbofan has many benefits including:

  • Ultra-low, low and high volume capability
  • High work rates
  • Accurate directed placement of spray
  • Improved penetration and spray coverage
  • Reduced drift 


Length:  35 cm (with mounting bracket)
Diameter: 45 cm 
Weight:  8.1 kg (with mounting bracket)
Hydraulic requirement:  10 L/min @ 94 bar (1400 P.S.I.)
Chemical flow rate: 0.25 – 8 L/min  
Rotational speed:  4 – 5000 rpm  
Droplet size:  100 – 120 micron (VMD)
Air flow (at 0.4 m):98 m3 / min / head
Air velocity (at 0.4 m):18 m/s