The Herbi 4

Herbi 4 Electric Handheld CDA Sprayer for Herbicides

The Herbi 4 is a hand held spinning disc sprayer for the Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) of herbicides. It can use CDA formulations or traditional water-based products at total spray volumes of only 10-30 litres/hectare.  The consistently large spray droplets of around 250 micron minimise any risk of spray drift and fall in a precise 1.2m wide circular spray pattern.

The Herbi 4 is used worldwide for band spraying and can treat over 3 kilometres (about 0.4 hectares) in one hour. Applications include general clean-up, border, pathway and strip spraying (e.g. in orchards and plantations) and spraying of larger areas by making consecutive spray passes. The reduction in mixing and filling operations (with no mixing required with CDA formulations) offers operator safety advantages.

As well as the standard version, the Herbi 4 Xtra model incorporating a handle with on/off liquid flow valve is available. The Herbi 4 Xtra can be attached to 1 or 2.5 litre spray bottles and is ideally suited for smaller spraying jobs.

  • Light and easy to use
  • High work rate and economical
  • Robust and simple to maintain
  • Minimises spray drift
  • Battery powered with no pumping required
  • Optional Micron backpacks (standard model only) and a shoulder strap available

I am head bailiff for a fishing club in North Wales where we have two Herbi 4’s for clearing the banks of Balsam. The Herbi 4 has been doing a splended job and I would recommend it to any fishing club.

Mr. Chris Derwent


Herbi 4 Brochure (English) (PDF 390 Kb)

Herbi 4 Brochure (Español) (PDF 390 Kb)

Herbi 4 Brochure (Français) (PDF 384 Kb)

Herbi 4 Manual (English) (PDF 678 Kb)

Herbi 4 Manual (Türkçe) (PDF 831 Kb)

Herbi 4 Manual (Español) (PDF 669 Kb)

Herbi 4 Manual (Français) (PDF 685 Kb)


Weight – empty  1.5 Kg (c/w 5 litre backpack & batteries)
Weight – ready to spray 6.5 Kg (c/w 5 litre backpack & batteries)  
Power supply 6V DC (4 D-cell/ R20 batteries) 
Power consumption 0.5 watts  (Over 40 hrs spraying with good quality batteries)
Disc speed 2,000 rpm (governed)  
Flow rate range  60-150ml/min 
Droplet size 200-300 µm (VMD)  
Band width 1.2m