The Advantages Of CDA

The Advantages Of CDA

CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) technology offers a wide range of economical and environmental benefits which include:

Operational efficiencies:

  • Cost savings due to reduced volume of spray
  • Even droplet distribution and uniform droplet size produce better spraying results 
  • A considerably faster spraying operation

Increased productivity:

  • Considerably less spray liquid is needed compared with conventional sprayers
  • Consequently the amount of time and effort required are considerably reduced 
  • Hand-held sprayers incorporating CDA reduce physical effort as strenuous pumping is eliminated 

Improved chemical efficacy:

  • CDA technology improves target coverage and spray droplet retention  

Safer Spraying:

Significantly reduced operator contamination risk during the spraying process:

  • Operator errors due to fatigue are reduced as the process is less arduous than high volume nozzle spraying 
  • Fewer mixing and filling operations where operator contamination is most likely

Reduced Environmental Impact: 

  • Reduced chemical and water requirement 
  • Lower contamination of soil compared to nozzle spraying thanks to low-volume, targeted application