Spraymiser Boom

Spraymiser Vehicle Mounted Shielded Sprayer

Available in CDA and traditional pressure nozzle (HiFlo) variants, the Spraymiser Boom features a shielded design to minimise spray drift.  The product consists of Varidome heads on a simple boom with adjustable clamps that slide along its width to accommodate various widths and angles.  Height and hood angles are incorporated into the adjustable clamp and this is fixed to a T bold that slides within a C section boom.  The boom can be between 1.2m-1.6m widths according to the number of heads.

The CDA option features a recirculation system for enhanced chemical efficiency. A flow control system monitors the correct working of each CDA atomiser. Spray volumes as low as 20 litres per hectare can be achieved with CDA models.

The modular Spraymiser Boom is available with a variable number of heads to allow spraying of different widths and is suitable for use with most ATVs, UTVs and tractors.

  • Shielded to minimise spray drift
  • Recirculating system reduces chemical wastage
  • Compatible with most ATVs, UTVs and tractors
  • Individually monitored CDA spray heads