RPM Indicator to GPS Interface

RPM Indicator to GPS Interface

The Micronair RPM Indicator to GPS Interface measures the rotational speed of up to ten atomisers and transfers this data to any compatible* GPS guidance system via a serial (RS-232) port. Atomiser RPM is shown on the GPS display screen and can also be included in the GPS log file. Logged RPM can be reviewed after flight alongside other application parameters using the GPS log replay software.

  • Monitor the rotational speed of all atomisers to ensure the correct spray droplet size.
  • Avoid the risk of atomisers running at an excessive speed.
  • Create a permanent log of atomiser RPM throughout each job. The web based Micronair Droplet Size Calculator can be used to estimate the spray droplet size at any point in the area sprayed.
  • Compatible with Micronair AU4000, AU5000 & AU7000 wind-driven atomisers and AU6539 electric atomisers.

*Consult your GPS system supplier for compatibility details. Both the GPS processor and the PC based log replay system must be running the necessary software. The GPS system unit must have one free serial port.


Power supply:8-32 V DC @ 30mA maximum.
Inputs:1 – 10 Micronair RPM indicator transducers installed on atomisers.  Transducer kits are supplied separately.
Output:Serial (RS-232) port operating at 5760 or 115200 baud (user selectable).
Dimensions:L 110 x W 125 x H 35mm (4.3 x 4.9 x 1.4 in) excluding connectors.
Weight:275 grams (10 oz).
Environmental:  Enclosure protected to IP54. Ambient temperature -20 – +50 ˚C