Public Health Applications

Mosquitoes and flies are globally important as vectors of many serious diseases, for example:

DiseaseVector Affecting 
Malaria mosquitoes  humans  
Dengue haemorrhagic fevermosquitoes  humans  
Yellow fever mosquitoes humans
Rift Valley fever mosquitoes humans, livestock 
West Nile virus mosquitoes humans, livestock 
Trypanosomiasistsetse flies humans, livestock 
Gastro-enteritis houseflies humans 

These pests may have a nationally important impact on human health, on livestock, and on the success of other important industries, such as tourism.  

In controlling the insects responsible for these problems, Ultra Low Volume (ULV) insecticide treatments have become standard practice around the world. 

Micron is involved with disease control agencies, municipalities and private pest control organisations in controlling these problems internationally. Micron spraying equipment is being selected for these programmes because it: 

· Generates uniformly sized spray droplets, for optimum delivery of insecticide to the target

· Is available as Knapsack, vehicle-mounted, or aerial application systems 

· Is designed for rugged durability in practical usage 

· Is compatible with both oil and water pesticides 

· Is designed for ease of calibration, cleaning and servicing 

· Is used to control vector and nuisance pests in N. America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Far East and Australasia 

· Has technical support and servicing in over 60 countries world-wide 

· Is recognised by the World Health Organisation

For guidance on the choice of Micron spraying equipment:

Aerial Application

The Micronair aerial product range has become the international standard for aerial application of ULV insecticides and larvicides to control mosquitoes, tsetse flies and other flying insects in environmental health applications.

Ground Application

Ground spray equipment can be used for the control of a wide range of insects and their larvae.

ULV Droplet Sizes And Flying Insect Control

For control of flying insects such as mosquitoes, research shows that a narrow, controlled spray droplet spectrum is most effective.  Smaller droplets tend not to impact on the insects, while larger droplets tend to sediment out too quickly and are lost.