Micron AU8115

AU8115 Vehicle Mounted ULV Sprayer for Migrant Pest Control

The Micron AU8115 is a self-contained vehicle mounted Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) sprayer designed for a wide range of migrant pest, public health and agricultural spraying tasks. The sprayer utilises Micron rotary cage spray technology to produce spray droplets of a precise and consistent  size.

The rotary atomiser is driven by a powerful airstream generated from an engine-driven blower mounted at the base of the unit. During operation, the airstream carries the spray droplets away from the vehicle and the operators.  This can give an effective release height of up to 15 metres and enables a swath of over 100 metres to be achieved when using a drift spraying technique with a wind speed of 2.5 metres/second or more.  Optional extension systems are available for treatment of tree locusts and quelea or for mosquito larviciding.

Applications in:

  • Migrant pest control including locusts, grasshoppers, quelea, armyworm and sunne pest
  • Public health e.g. mosquitoes, flies etc
  • Insecticide and fungicide application in tree and field crops
  • Environmental management (fly control in refuse sites etc.)


  • Powerful airblast to propel spray over large horizontal distances and up to 15m high
  • All controls operated from within vehicle cab for maximum operator safety
  • Rotary cage atomiser for precise control of droplet size
  • Low Volume (LV) and Ultra Low Volume (ULV) capability
  • Completely self-contained unit for reliability and ease of use
  • Solid and durable construction field proven in the harshest environments
  • All components compatible with all formulations and solvent

The current version of the AU8115 sprayer is the AU8115MS, this has an electric engine starter that can be operated from the control box in the cab or from a switch on the engine.  The engine throttle and pesticide pump are also operated from the control box in the cab.  Flow rate can be set by in-line orifice restrictor plates or by an adjustable flow control valve.


Locust and Grasshopper Control

The Micron AU8115 has a proven track record in locust control having been used in recent programmes to control the Desert Locust (Schistocerca gregaria) in Africa and the Middle East, Italian and Moroccan Locusts in Central Asia and Oriental migratory locusts in the Caucasus and Central Asia. The Micron AU8115 can treat up to 500 ha in a single day using conventional contact insecticides, stomach poisons, insect growth regulators (IGR’s) or newer environmentally benign biopesticides such as Metarhizium fungal pathogens. High work rates, efficacy, ease of use and safety are essential features of the Micron AU8115 sprayer that are internationally recognised by locust control organisations in many countries. The Micron AU8115 was rated best in its class in a recent workshop organised by the UN FAO to evaluate the suitability of locust control  equipment.

Public Health

The Micron AU8115 has been widely used for both adulticiding (to control adult flies and mosquitoes) and larviciding to control mosquito nymphs in open water or in drainage canals. The powerful airstream and precisely  controlled droplet size allows for the space treatment of expansive urban or residential areas with typically up to 3 – 5 Km2 treated in a single evening. The spray can be projected to a height of up to 15m,  ensuring  targeting of the most inaccessible areas with an easily adjustable spray  head.

High work rates, ease of operation and safety of operators makes the Micron AU8115 a highly versatile sprayer for the control of the vectors of many important public health diseases, allowing health authorities to intervene rapidly to prevent the spread of disease.

Agriculture and Forestry

The Micron AU8115 is also used to control insect pest infestations in field crops such as cotton or wheat. The Micron AU8115 has been deployed to control  severe outbreaks of cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera and has been used in  programmes to eradicate the cotton  boll weevil. Timely and rapid intervention is possible due to the capability to spray at ultra low or low volume rates with droplet sizes optimised for deposition on plant foliage.  The Micron AU8115 sprayer has also been widely employed to control Sunne Pest (Eurygaster integriceps) in Central Asia and the Near East in wheat crops where up to 50 ha/hour can be treated to prevent damage to the grain.  The sprayer is also used for routine bird control (Quelea species) in Eastern and Central Africa to protect cereal crops from devastating damage by large flocks of birds.  The Micron AU8115 can target roosting sites by propelling spray high into trees in late evening.  An optional mast extension is available to increase spray height.

Insect pests in plantations can also be targeted efficiently  where vehicular access is possible. Applications of contact acting pesticides, insect growth regulators and the biopesticide Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) have been successfully made with this sprayer.  Where vehicle access is not possible control can be undertaken with the portable Micron AU8000 back mounted sprayer, which utilises the same rotary atomiser technology.

Environmental Management

The Micron AU8115 is used for routine nuisance fly control in waste disposal sites, landfill and refuse areas. The powerful airstream can disperse spray up to 100 m with a suitable wind to control adult flies. It can also be used to  apply insect growth regulators and other products to treat soil or refuse directly to control insect larval stages. The Micron AU8115 can be fitted with an optional extension tube for the treatment of drainage ditches, sewers or other difficult to reach areas.

Micronair Spraytrac GPS track guidance system and Spraymaps software

We also offer Spraytrac precision guidance and reporting system developed specifically for vehicles used for migrant pest spraying. For more information, please download the GPS Handbook below.


Dimensions (frame of
sprayer excluding spray  
head and support):
140 cm long x 76 cm wide x 85 cm high 
Height of spray head above
bed of vehicle:
180 cm 
Weight (empty):130 Kg 
Pesticide tank:100 litres capacity; UV stabilised polyethylene  
Flushing tank:  10 litres capacity; UV stabilised polyethylene  
Chemical flow rate:  0.02 – 3.50  litres/minute 
Pump: 12 V magnetically coupled centrifugal pump  
Spray droplet size: Adjustable 40 – 100 microns VMD (depending upon formulation used)  
Spray band width:  10 – 100 metres (when using a drift spraying technique) 
Power source: 4 stroke petrol (gasoline) 13 HP engine 
Fuel capacity:5.0 litres
Running time with full
fuel tank:
3 hours approx
Electrical Requirements:12 volts DC (from vehicle battery)
5 amps (max)50 amps during start (AU8115MS only)
Pump:Mag drive centrifugal
Flow rate:0.2 – 2.5 l/min