Microfog Handheld Thermal Fogger

Microfog is a range of powerful yet lightweight foggers designed to produce high volumes of fog with fine particle sizes. The Microfog range is suitable for both water and oil based formulations and can be used for mosquito control, public health, agricultural and industrial applications.

  • Manufactured in accordance with International Standards for Equipment for Vector Control
  • No spark plug required
  • Immediate start-up
  • New intake design and spark ignition system eliminates petrol overflow
  • Accurate droplet size control
  • Unique injection system minimises exposure to hot gasses
  • Reversible fog tube for oil or water-based formulations
  • Automatic emergency solution cut off valve


Model:Microfog 9ES & 9EPMicrofog 35ES & 35EP
Dimensions (cm):27 W x 34 H x 114cm L27 W x 34 H x 136cm L
Weight (empty):7.6Kg (ES) 7.1Kg (EP)8.0Kg (ES) 7.8Kg (EP)
Combustion chamber output:11.0 kW (approx)18.7 kW (approx)
Fuel tank:1.2 l Stainless (ES) or HDPE (EP)1.2 l Stainless (ES) or HDPE (EP)
Fuel consumption:1.20 l/h (approx)2 l/h (approx)
Solution tank:6.0 l capacity6.0 l capacity
Solution output:8 – 42 l/h (approx)8 – 42 l/h (approx)
Pressure in solution tank:0.03 bar (approx)0.03 bar (approx)
Solution nozzles:0.8 – 2.0 mm0.8 – 2.0 mm
Power supply:4 x 1.5 volt batteries4 x 1.5 volt batteries

Standard Accessories

1 set of solution nozzles: 0.8 = approx. 10 l/h1.0 = approx. 15 l/h     0.8 = approx. 10 l/h
1.0 = approx. 15 l/h
1.2 = approx. 20 l/h      
1 fuel funnel, 1 solution funnel   1 set of tools1 set of tools
1 set of cleaning tools1 solution suction pipe1 solution suction pipe
1 set of seals and diaphragms1 instruction manual1 instruction manual