Herbidome 600

Herbidome 600 Electric Handheld CDA Sprayer for Herbicides

The hand-held Herbidome 600 is a spinning disc sprayer for the Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) of post emergent herbicides in row crops such as cotton. It can apply CDA formulations or traditional water-based products at total spray volumes of 10-30 litres/hectare in a circular 600mm spray pattern.

Its freely rotating shield minimises drift and avoids damage to crops.

The Herbidome 600 is supplied with a shoulder strap and is powered by 4 x D cell batteries. It can be connected to either a 5 or 12 litre backpack.

The reduction in mixing and filling operations (with no mixing or filling operations required with CDA formulations) offers operator safety advantages.

  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Robust
  • Simple to maintain
  • No drift
  • Battery powered
  • Cost effective

I have used my Herbidome 600 for a number of years for weed control in Christmas trees. It has a strong construction yet is lightweight and really user friendly. It’s CDA, which is a great advantage as it means I don’t have to carry water to my outlying fields.

Dave Brown, Christmas Tree Grower
Festive Forestry, UK


Weight – empty  2.1 Kg (including batteries)
Weight – ready to spray 14.0 Kg (c/w 12 litre backpack)  
Power supply 6V DC (4 D-cell/ R20 batteries)
Width of dome/sprayed strip600mm nominal
Disc speed 1100 rpm 
Droplet size 200-400 µm