Electrafan Electric Handheld Air Assisted CDA Sprayer

Electrafan is a range of air-assisted spinning disc sprayers which has been specifically designed for low and ultra-low volume application of insecticides and fungicicdes in situations with no natural air movement. The sprayers produce small even-sized droplets which are carried in the airstream to the target like a fine mist.

Efficient insect, pest and disease control

The Electrafan range is highly suitable for spot spraying in glasshouses, greenhouses and polytunnels. The sprayers are also widely used for pest control in buildings, insect control in poultry houses, stables, cowsheds and piggeries and for applying vaccines to poultry.

Additionally, they have been proven to be very effective in controlling pests within grain stores and can be used for treating walls, floors, machinery, handling equipment , packing materials or stacks of bagged grain. Electrafan’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for disinfecting large grain store facilities in ports and inland transit sites.

The low-volume airblast produced by the machines deposits the spray high on the walls and allows penetration into roof spaces and rafters for control of moths and other flying insects whilst keeping surface wetness and humidity to a minimum.

A choice of models

Electrafan is available in battery or electrically-powered options to suit the varying users’ requirements. The Electrafan 240 model is powered by a 240 volt mains electric motor and can treat up to 80m from a power source using a suitable extension cable.

Electrafan 12, the battery-powered version, is usually supplied with a 12 volt DC portable battery which provides up to 90 minutes of spraying before recharging is required. It also comes with a carrying pouch and a battery charger.

  • Targeted application thanks to small even-sized droplet size
  • Battery or electricity-powered with no pumping required
  • Can apply both water based mixtures at low volumes and ULV formulations
  • Efficient and economical
  • Lightweight and user-friendly design

We have been using the 12 Volt Electrafan in our glasshouses and we’re really happy with the machine. Our strategy is to minimize the use of agro chemicals by using beneficial insects but we often get infection spots which need chemical treatment.

We found Electrafan very suitable for quick spot spraying. It gives excellent crop penetration and produces very good results even at 50% of the standard dose rates.

Mr. A. van der Valk
Fa. Van der Valk – the Netherlands


Electrafan 12 Poultry Vaccination Manual (English) (PDF 2727 Kb)

Electrafan 12 Manual (English) (PDF 3451 Kb)

Electrafan 240 Poultry Vaccination Manual (English) (PDF 1872 Kb)

Electrafan 240 Manual (English) (PDF 2770 Kb)

Electrafan Brochure (English) (PDF 335 Kb)