CS10 & CS14

CS10 & CS14 Compression Sprayers for Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS)

Micron CS10 and CS14 compression sprayers have been specifically designed for indoor residual spraying (IRS) to combat malaria, leishmaniasis, dengue fever and other insect borne diseases. The can also be used for crawling insect control in residential areas and the application of specialist industrial spray treatments that require materials that resist degradation by aggressive chemicals.

The sprayers are manufactured from quality grade stainless steel and brass and are available in two sizes (CS10 & CS14 models). Both CS10 and CS14 products fully comply with international standards for vector control equipment; certificates are available on request.

  • Stainless steel tank, pump cylinder, handle, lance and trigger valve body
  • Pressure gauge (0 – 7 bar) with maximum operating pressure indicator
  • Pressure relief bar set to 4.5 bar
  • Chemical resistant VitonTM and specialist fluoroelastomer cup seals
  • Large filling aperture with stainless steel lid and over-centre latch


Tank capacity:11.4 l13.6 l
Tank dimensions (Diameter x Height):20 cm x 45.5 cm20 cm x 53.5 cm
Packing dimensions (Diameter x Height):21 cm x 61 cm21 cm x 65 cm
Weight (empty):4.8 kg5.1 kg
Weight (shipping):5.3 kg5.8 kg
Max working pressure:4.2 bar (60 PSI)3.8 bar (55 PSI)
CS10 & CS14
Tank material:Stainless steel
Pump cylinder:Stainless steel with VitonTM non-return valve
Pump handle:T-type stainless
Pressure gauge:0 – 7 bar (0 – 100 PSI)
Pressure relief valve:Operates at 4.5 bar (66 PSI)
Filler lid:Oval 12 x 10 cm with over-centre latch & automatic pressure relief valve
Trigger valve:Brass with VitonTM O-rings & stainless steel lever and body
Spray lance:57 cm long, strainless steel
Spray hose:150 cm long
Carrying strap:Double woven heavy duty, 50mm wide
Spray nozzle:TeejetTM 8002E stainless steel tip supplied as standard;Optional Micron C8002 even spray ceramic tips