CDA For Poultry Vaccination

CDA For Poultry Vaccination

Poultry flocks are susceptible to a wide range of diseases caused by various infectious microbes including bacteria, viruses and mycoplasmas. Vaccination of chicks continues to play an important role in poultry protection especially for diseases such as Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis.

Micron supply poultry producers world-wide with vaccine delivery systems based on their electrically powered hand-held sprayers. Combining rotary atomisation for the precise production of small, evenly-sized droplets and a fan to distribute these droplets over the chicks, they facilitate the application of controlled dosages in very small total liquid volumes which is essential for the efficient use of vaccines which are both potent and expensive. The sprayers also offer the opportunity to deliver the vaccine to the entire flock in one go thus ensuring complete protection with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Micron can offer poultry producers their electrically powered UlvaVac (battery operated – marketed through Merial) or Turbair sprayers (the mains powered Electrafan 110/240 or the battery operated Electrafan 12), with choice of sprayer depending on the availability and distribution of power points in the poultry house. Benefits common to all three are the ability to produce droplets sufficiently small to carry the vaccine into the bird’s neck, but not so small that they enter in the lungs – minimising any risk of adverse reaction.

Furthermore these machines are able, through their efficient droplet production, to exert maximum control over not only the dosage applied but its accurate targetting on the birds with minimum wastage. All birds receive a similar dose of vaccine when adminstered by this method, as compared with the technique of including vaccine in the drinking water where the dose received is dependent on the amount of water imbibed and can result in over and under-dosing of individual birds. Being electrically powered they offer a quiet, efficient and unobtrusive method of rapidly vaccinating the entire flock effectively and uniformly. In the UK, poultry farmers have been applying vaccines in this way for a considerable time and producers use both the UlvaVac and Turbair sprayers.

All three sprayers can also be used for the application of insecticides for the control of flies within poultry houses thus further helping to manage other diseases such as Salmonellosis spread by Musea domestica (the common housefly) and other related species.