CDA Applications

CDA technology is suitable for a wide range of applications, some of which are listed below.

CDA And Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a system which uses a combination of all suitable techniques, including environmental
manipulation, use of biological control products, host plant…

CDA And The Small Farmer

Since its formation over 30 years ago the core philosophy of Micron Sprayers has been to produce appropriate and affordable
spraying equipment for the small farmer in the developing…

CDA Application In Forestry

Micron’s range of hand-held spinning disc Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) sprayers have been used in European forestry for
over 20 years.  Equivalent weed control can be achieved…

CDA for Fungicide and Insecticide Application in Vegetable and Leguminous Crops

Although there is a great deal of information reported on the use of low volume CDA sprayers, such as the Micron ULVA+, for
insecticide treatments within large scale cash crops such as …

CDA For Poultry Vaccination

Poultry flocks are susceptible to a wide range of diseases caused by various infectious microbes including bacteria, viruses and
mycoplasmas. Vaccination of chicks continues to play an important…

CDA For The Application of Biological Products

Biological products, are increasingly being used as alternatives to pesticides in IPM programmes.  Many
biologicals, however are notoriously variable in their
effectiveness being more…

CDA For Weed Control In Fruit, Grapevines And Hops

United Kingdom growers produce a wide range of fruit crops, including top fruit, soft fruit and vines, but the mild wet climate
ensures that weed growth is not far behind.

CDA Spraying In Cotton

Cotton is potentially one of the most lucrative crops for the developing countries, particularly sub-Sahara Africa, allowing both
governments and locally based commercial organisations to develop…

CDA Spraying In Glass Houses

The greenhouse environment is unique and demands crop-spraying strategies altogether different from those adopted in the field. Nowhere are higher-value crops grown so intensively and biological…

Migrant Pest Control By Land And Air

A few insects showing migratory behaviour have the capacity to cause widespread economic damage on a life threatening scale.
Members of the insect order Orthoptera such as locusts and…

Public Health Applications

Mosquitoes and flies are globally important as vectors of many serious diseases, for example:

Aerial Application

The Micronair aerial product range has become the international standard for aerial application of ULV insecticides and larvicides to control mosquitoes, tsetse flies and other flying insects in environmental health applications.

Ground Application

Ground spray equipment can be used for the control of a wide range of insects and their larvae.

ULV Droplet Sizes And Flying Insect Control

For control of flying insects such as mosquitoes, research shows that a narrow, controlled spray droplet spectrum is most effective.  Smaller droplets tend not to impact on the insects, while larger droplets tend to sediment out too quickly and are lost.