Autodos Electric Metered Dose Sprayer

The AutoDos is a high quality metered dose spray applicator developed for the professional forester, horticulturalist or amenity user.

The sprayer is  electrically operated from a small rechargeable 12v DC battery with an electronically controlled pump delivering a precise and repeatable metered volume of spray liquid.  This allows the professional user to accurately apply herbicides, insecticides, growth regulators or plant nutrients and to effortlessly treat several thousand plants or trees in a single day.

The AutoDos is supplied with a ten litre backpack, with large filling aperture and filter and supported on an ergonomically designed lightweight aluminium back frame with metal lance and integral thumb switch.  The sprayer is supplied with a battery recharger.  The battery, electronic controller and pump are housed in a tough hermetically sealed GRP case for superior durability. The combination of nozzle tip and pressure control flow valve allows the user to set  a measured and repeatable spray volume.  The sprayer can also be operated in continuous mode for band applications.

  • Suitable for spraying up to 4000 trees or plants in a single day
  • Metered dose – electronically controlled
  • Single shot or continuous operation
  • Choice of nozzle tips for different doses and spray patterns
  • Ergonomically designed 10 litre backpack with large filling aperture
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance 

The need to treat newly planted Sitka against Large Pine Weevil with Forester was the trigger point that resulted in the acquisition of a Micron AutoDos metered-dose sprayer. Research identified the AutoDos as the only high quality sprayer capable of administering the recommended dose of 10-20ml of diluted liquid in a precise and repeatable fashion, thus offering considerable chemical savings. Based on 11,500 trees that needed treatment twice over a 2 year period, the savings amounted to about £400 by keeping the dose to the minimum recommended.

The sprayer has a robust construction and scores well from an ergonomic point of view. In terms of speed, the sprayer probably does the job faster than most conventional sprayers.

Carl Gray, Land Owner


Weight – empty:8KG  
Voltage:  12V DC  
Power Requirement:  1.5 Amps 18 Watts
Tank: 10 Litres HDPE 
Pump: 12V DC Diagphragm pump 
Controls:Electric – 3 positions: off/intermittent/continuous
 Flow – Control Flow Valve (1.5 Bar, 20 Psi)
Nozzle Tips:Selection of 4 flat fan nozzle tips and a hollow cone nozzle tip
Frame and Straps:Aluminium with padded PVC/Polyester strapping