Aerial Application

Aerial Application

The Micronair aerial product range has become the international standard for aerial application of ULV insecticides and larvicides to control mosquitoes, tsetse flies and other flying insects in environmental health applications.

The Micronair aerial spraying range now includes: 

· AU4000 wind-driven atomiser – with electro-magnetic brake for use on dedicated fixed-wing aircraft, including fast types. 

· AU5000 wind-driven atomiser – typically used on fixed wing single engine agricultural aircraft operating in an environmental health role.

· AU6539 electric drive atomiser – specifically for installation on helicopters.  Ideal for use over difficult terrain or urban areas.  

· Micronair spray pod system – allows any suitable high-wing aircraft to be converted to an environmental health spraying role in a few hours, and then subsequently back again. 

· Micronair atomisers are complemented by application monitors, flowmeter turbines and RPM indicators to enable spray application parameters to be monitored and recorded. In addition, Micronair products may be also be interfaced with GPS track guidance systems to ensure accurate targeting and recording of treatments.  

Micronair atomisers have become the accepted standard for environmental health operations in North America, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, the Far East and Australasia. As a result, Micron Sprayers are able to offer aerial operators the widest range of high quality operationally proven equipment for environmental health operations.