Accudos 2P Handheld Precision Targeted Sprayer for Spot Application

Accudos 2P Handheld Precision Targeted Sprayer for Spot Application

The AccuDos 2P is a professional spray applicator with the facility to ‘dial-in’ a pre-determined quantity of spray liquid for the accurate dispensing and delivery of a measured volume of spray liquid.

A choice of flat fan or hollow cone spray nozzles, selected to deliver the appropriate droplet size range and spray pattern, is available to ensure spray is transferred accurately to the target. A non-drip check valve is fitted as standard.

The AccuDos is suitable for spot applications of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides in pasture, amenity, sports and turf and plantations and can also be used in public and animal health situations.

The AccuDos can be supplied with a choice of 1, 5 or 12 litre backpacks. Liquid flow can be shut off with an in line tap which allows for disconnection of the backpack and hand lance.

  • Metered dose
  • Choice of quality spray nozzles
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Suitable for spot spraying of weeds and selective fungicide and insecticide treatments 


AccuDos 2P
Weight – empty:  800 g 
Volume dispensed: 0.1 – 2 ml per shot 
Bottle/tank sizes: 5 litres 
Droplet size: 250-350 µm (VMD) i.e. coarse spray