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The hand-held Weedstick+ is a precision applicator for the selective application of herbicides to individual weeds.  It puts weedkiller precisely where it is needed - on the weed.  There is no risk of any spray drift so you can even use it on windy days.

The Weedstick+ has significant advantages over conventional methods of application such as knapsack sprayers for spot applications or using herbicides in sensitive areas e.g. flower beds.

The Weedstick+ is simply placed over the weed to be controlled and pressed down to dab a dose of herbicide.

Use the Weedstick+ when the ground is moist and the weeds are growing well. The ideal time for treatment is between late spring and late summer.



Capacity 450 ml
Weight empty 0.21 kg
  ready to use 0.56kg
Handle Material PVC