Spraytrac GPS Track Guidance System & Spraymaps Software

Spraytrac GPS Track Guidance System & Spraymaps Software - Spraytrac unit Spraytrac GPS Track Guidance System & Spraymaps Software - Spraytrac unit Spraytrac GPS Track Guidance System & Spraymaps Software - Spraytrac in use Spraytrac GPS Track Guidance System & Spraymaps Software - Spraymaps screen Spraytrac GPS Track Guidance System & Spraymaps Software - System Diagram

The Micronair Spraytrac GPS track guidance system is designed specifically to provide precision guidance for ground vehicles used for the control of locusts and other migrant pests.  The system enables the driver to follow parallel spray tracks whilst recording the position of the vehicle and the status of the sprayer.  Spray jobs can be viewed, printed and archived on an office or laptop computer using Micronair Spraymaps software.

The system consists of two main parts:

The Spraytrac guidance unit, installed above the vehicle dashboard in view of the driver.  The unit incorporates a LCD display screen and operator controls and can easily be removed from its mounting bracket when not required.  The Spraytrac software is designed to provide a very simple user interface and is suitable for use by personnel who may not have any prior experience of computers or more complex GPS devices.  Operation of the system is by an on/off switch and four touch-sensitive buttons, one of which is dedicated to showing help messages on the screen.  Whilst in the spray area, the screen shows a perspective image of the spray tracks and the driver need only follow a line on the display to remain on the correct track.  The position of the vehicle is continuously logged without any operator intervention for the entire time that the Spraytrac unit is switched on.  The log file is retained in the memory of the unit until it is downloaded for analysis and archiving by the Micronair Spraymaps program on an office PC or a laptop computer.  Text on the Spraytrac display can be in English, French or Arabic.

The Spraymaps software package, installed on any desktop or laptop PC running a Windows operating system.  The software provides the following functions:



Spraytrac System Unit  
Dimensions: 135 mm W x 90 mm H x 60 mm D (less mounting bracket).
Weight: 0.6 kg.
Mounting: By adjustable bracket secured to vehicle.  System unit can be detached from bracket when not required in vehicle.
Display: Back-lit dot-matrix LCD with contrast control.  Display optimised for viewing in both direct sunlight and low light conditions.
Display language: English, French, Arabic with Hindi numerals or Arabic with Western numerals (operator selectable).
GPS Receiver  
Dimensions: 61 mm diameter x 20 mm high.
Weight: 0.2 kg.
Mounting: By magnetic base or optional M3 screw fitting.
Spraymaps Software  
Configuration: One Spraymaps program can support an unlimited number of vehicle systems, although multiple copies of the software can be installed if required.
Language: Job data display and job printouts in English, French or Arabic (language chosen during program installation).
PC specification: User-supplied desktop or notebook PC running Windows operating system (XP, Vista or 7) with one available USB port.