Micronair atomiser range for helicopters (AU7000 & AU6539)

Micronair atomiser range for helicopters (AU7000 & AU6539) - Micronair atomiser range for helicopters (AU7000 & AU6539) - Micronair atomiser range for helicopters (AU7000 & AU6539) - Micronair atomiser range for helicopters (AU7000 & AU6539) - Micronair Au6539 Electric Atomiser Micronair atomiser range for helicopters (AU7000 & AU6539) - AU7000 Micronair atomiser range for helicopters (AU7000 & AU6539) - AU6539 on a heli

Micronair atomisers for helicopters have been developed from over 30 years’ experience in the design of pesticide application equipment for agricultural aircraft.


Micronair offer a choice of wind or electrically driven atomisers specifically developed for helicopters. The AU7000 wind-driven atomiser is ideal for operations where the helicopter is flown at a constant and relatively high airspeed. The AU6539 electrically driven atomiser is recommended for operations requiring a low or variable airspeed that would make it difficult to maintain the correct rotational speed with wind-driven atomisers.

Mounting clamps are supplied with the atomisers and are available for a wide range of round and streamline section spray booms.

In addition to atomisers developed specifically for helicopters, Micronair AU5000 atomisers can be used on helicopters operating at higher airspeeds. See Micronair Product Selection Guide for further details.

Light weight and low power requirement

Micronair atomisers are designed for light weight and low drag to minimise their effect on helicopter performance. The AU6539 uses a highly efficient electric motor to give maximum output whilst keeping the electrical power consumption within the sometimes limited capability of small agricutural helicopters. The four fan blades of the AU7000 ensure high efficiency and drag over a wide range of airspeeds.

Droplet size control

The unique benefits of rotary atomisation ensure that where required a maximum number of low-drift droplets are created.

However, where an operator requires application equipment suitable for drift spraying (for example in locust or migrant pest control), the unique flexibility of Micronair atomisers offers operators the ability to create smaller droplets as required.

At all rates of application the Micronair helicopter range of atomisers allows the operator to control the droplet size to a very narrow spectrum. The droplet size is varied by adjusting the rotational speed of the atomiser. This is achieved by varying the angle of the fan blades on the AU7000 or by means of an optional electronic speed controller for up to six AU6539 atomisers.

Cost effective

In an industry where time is money, the benefits of increased work rates through accurate and effective application can quickly be realised from reduced flying time.

Precise flow control and liquid shut-off

The flow to each atomiser is controlled by a variable restrictor unit (VRU).  This provides finger-tip control of the flow by the simple turn of a knob and eliminates the need to dismantle or change individual restrictor orifices.

Overall flow from the helicopter is regulated by the boom pressure in exactly the same way as a conventional spray system.

Every atomiser is supplied with a diaphragm check-valve to ensure immediate shut-off of chemical at the end of each spray run.


Related Information:


Wind-driven adjustable fan (4 blades) 
Electric Motor 
Power Requirement:  
24/28 V DC @ 6 A maximum  
1.5Kg (3.3 lb) complete with mounting bracket 
2 Kg (4.4 lb) complete with mounting bracket
By streamlined mounting clamp - specify boom size and profile when ordering By streamlined mounting clamp - specify boom size and profile when ordering
Liquid throughput: 
0 - 10 L/min (0 - 2.6 USG/min) per atomiser 
0 - 3 L/min (0 - 0.8 USG/min) per atomiser  
Flow control: 
By variable restrictor unit 
By variable restrictor unit 
Chemical shut off:  
By diaphragm check valve 
By diaphragm check valve 
Rotational speed: 
Adjustable by fan: 2,000 - 10,000 RPM max 
Adjustable by optional speed controller: 1,000 - 11,000 RPM max  
Operating airspeed: 
64 - 160 Km/hr (40 - 100 MPH) 
Droplet size: 
Variable between 60 - 500 microns VMD 
Variable between 45 - 120 microns VMD  
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