CDA For The Application of Biological Products

Biological products, are increasingly being used as alternatives to pesticides in IPM programmes.  Many biologicals, however are notoriously variable in their effectiveness being more easily influenced by environmental factors than pesticides and this has led in many cases to their slow adoption on a commercial scale.
Many workers have found that the effectiveness of biological products can be can be optimised by utilising an appropriate application system which ensures that the correct dose of product is applied to the correct location and good coverage can often make the difference between the success or failure of a biological product.  In many cases this can be achieved or enhanced by the use of CDA and low volume techniques.

A review paper has been produced by Micron Sprayers which summarises published work on the sunbject of CDA for the application of biological products, including Bt, myco-insecticides, entomopathogenic viruses and myco-herbicides and it is hoped that this will serve as a resource for other workers in the field.