Our Range of Products

Micron Group are a UK based manufacturer of agricultural spraying equipment, and are one of the very few companies to offer a 'one stop shop' for both ground and aerial crop protection equipment in agriculture, horticulture, amenity and forestry.

Micron provide application equipment for herbicides, fungicides, insecticides for the widest range of climates and farming systems, from smallholder dry land farming in Southern and Northern Africa, the Middle East and Western Asia to the huge expanses of field crop and tree crop monocultures in the humid tropics.

Add to this vineyards and orchards across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin and forests world wide, and Micron has something to offer almost everyone in pesticide application for crop protection.

Based on the principles of Controlled Droplet Application (CDA), pioneered by Micron, pesticides are applied at low and ultra low volumes using rotary atomisers, this results in efficient spray atomisation, significant time and cost savings in application.