Select an application monitor for use with any spray system

Current Model:

The Micronair application monitor consists of an electronic unit and a flowmeter turbine. Turbines are available in a range of sizes for different flow rates from the aircraft

A. Application monitor

Calculate the minimum and maximum flow rates (litres/minute) from the aircraft at the application rates (litres/hectare) for which the monitor will be used

Select the flowmeter turbine(s) and corresponding kit part numbers to match the required flow range

Flow range l/minute Turbine size Kit part number
1-8 1/2" EX3271
5-40 5/8" EX3272
8-140 3/4" EX3273
34-270 1" EX3274
50-410 1 1/2" EX3275
114-1130 2" EX3276

If the entire flow range is covered by one flowmeter turbine specify an application monitor kit as selected above.

Otherwise, two flowmeter turbines will be required. These can be used in conjunction with one application monitor electronic unit.

B. Application printer

Is a printer required to produce a printed record of the totals for each job?
Specify EX2533-1 application printer kit.

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