Selection Guide for Aircraft Equipment


This interactive guide is intended to assist customers in selecting the correct Micronair atomisers, accessories and ancilliary equipment for use on fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. To use the guide, identify and note the appropriate option from each section and then click on the link at the bottom of the page to move to the next section.

Select atomisers and accessories

Choose an application monitor

The Micronair application monitor is a microprocessor based instrument that measures flow rate from an aircraft and calculates volume applied, application rate, area sprayed spray time etc. An optional printer can be connected to the application monitor to record details of each job. An application monitor can be used with either wind-driven or electric atomisers.

Select RPM indicator kits

An application monitor can measure the rotational speed of any of up to 10 atomisers if they are fitted with RPM indicator (tachometer) kits. RPM indicator kits can only be fitted to wind-driven atomisers.

This guide gives an overview of the Micronair product range for the convenience of customers. It is not intended to provide detailed technical specifications. Full details and specifications of all products are available from Micron Sprayers Limited. Every user must satisfy himself that the equipment is suited to his needs, is performing according to his requirements and that all statutory requirements and airworthiness regulations are being complied with.