Spraydome T5000

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The Spraydome T5000 incorporates many features developed with the advice and assistance of top golf course superintendents. With its 5.25 metre spray width and its versatility and performance, the Spraydome T5000 sets the standards for chemical application in a wide variety of turf applications.

A double system eliminates duplicated costs

Under the fully skirted shield of the Spraydome T5000 are 7 CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) atomisers and 18 TeeJet pressure nozzles. The operator can quickly select the system to suit the job whether it be high volume or low volume.

The CDA heads give low volume application for maximum efficiency in the control of broadleaf and other weeds.The nozzle system is ideal for fungicide and insecticide spraying where higher volumes are more critical. Both deliver effective, efficient and economical spraying, with maximum coverage at the lowest cost, precise chemical application, and little or no loss through wind drift.

Advanced technology

The Spraydome T5000 features Micron's CDA technology which employs a spinning disc, rotary atomizer to produce optimum sized, evenly distributed droplets. Coupled with the sprayer's shielded design, this delivers a number of benefits which include:

Chemical efficiency is greatly improved as it is not being wasted through evaporation, run-off or wind drift. This is of particular advantage to coastal areas or locations where wind is a problem.

Contour-hugging design

The contour-hugging design of the Spraydome T5000 allows for the effective spraying of most turf layouts with the spray heads being kept in an optimum coverage position. Other benefits include:

Complete flow control at your fingertips

Micron's flow control system allows you to:

Supply is from a choice of either a 300, 500 or 800 litre tank, mounted on the unit, which features a fresh water flushing system. With the Spraydome T5000 you'll spend more time spraying and less time at the refill point as the CDA system will give you four hours of operation per tank whilst the nozzle system can be calibrated to suit your needs.


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