Micron Industrial Atomiser

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The Micron range of industrial atomiser units have been designed to meet the exacting needs of industrial process control in the areas of humidification, air cooling, odour control and disinfection.

Using rotary centrifugal energy to atomise liquid into very small droplets of a precisely controlled mist (around 20-30µm volume median diameter) allows for a high energy efficient and low maintenance system of mist generation.

Each atomiser unit consumes less than 300 watts of power and uses the latest brushless A/C motors for long and maintenance free operation. Units can also be supplied with an air circulator for efficient dispersal of mist internally in glasshouses, poultry units, industrial buildings, etc.

Applications in:


Humidity Control

Many industrial processes rely on humdity control to prevent deterioration of stored products (wood, fibres, plants and food). Humidification in buildings also helps to reduce static and maintain humidity at comfortable levels.


Micron industrial atomisers can also be used for dispersal of disinfectants to cleanse air of airborne bacteria or disinfect surfaces with biocides. All material of construction are designed to be compatible with aggressive disinfectants.

Air Cooling

The use of sprays can also be used for cooling in industrial processes as well as reduce temperatures in buildings and storage areas through evaporative cooling. Using precisely controlled spray particles avoids fall out of spray and wetting of surfaces.

Odour Control

In both outdoor and indoor environments the Micron industrial atomiser units can be used for dispersal of odour control products to mask odours created by industrial and organic waste effluent such as landfill sites, waste treatment plants, farm poultry and pig rearing unit.