Micron AU9100

Micron AU9100 - Micron AU9100 - Micron AU9100 - Micron AU9100 - Micron AU9100 -

Cold Fogger for EH spraying

The Micron AU9100 is a vehicle-mounted cold fogging machine developed specifically for the control of adult mosquitoes, flies and similar pests using both conventional and water-based ULV insecticides.

The Micron AU9100 provides excellent control of spray droplet size and insecticide output, whilst being easy to operate and maintain. It is intended for use by municipalities, pest control contractors, military camps and similar organisations requiring reliable, cost-effective pest control. The machine uses a reliable 13 HP single cylinder 4-stroke engine to drive an air blower. The sprayhead contains no moving parts and is fitted with unique interchangeable orifice discs for adjustment of spray droplet size.

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AU9100 Features



Engine and blower

Insecticide tank, pump and controls

Simple operation and maintenance



Length 1450 mm, width 650 mm, height 800 mm excluding sprayhead (1300 mm including sprayhead)
Spray release height: 
1250 mm above vehicle bed  
210 Kg (tanks empty)  
13 HP Honda GX series 4-stroke with recoil start  
Standard 93 – 95 octane unleaded petrol (gasoline)  
Fuel tank:  
6.5 litre capacity steel with splashproof filler cap (provides approximately 3 hours spraying time)  
250 m3/hour capacity rotary blower running at 3200 RPM  
Stainless steel construction with vortical nozzle and interchangeable outlet orifices to adjust droplet size