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  • Using the Spraymiser and Undavina combination on my ATV, I have been able to spray 12.5km of macadamia tree rows in 2.5 hours with just 80L of mixture and 8L of glyphosate.

    Before I bought the kit, it used to take me 8 hours to do the same job with a tractor which would require 3000L of mixture and 30L of glyphosate.

    Pat Hawes
    Electra - Queensland, Australia

Available in CDA and traditional pressure nozzle (HiFlo) variants, the Spraymiser features a shielded design to minimise spray drift.

The CDA option features a recirculation system for enhanced chemical efficiency. A flow control system monitors the correct working of each CDA atomiser. Spray volumes as low as 20 litres per hectare can be achieved with CDA models.

The Spraymiser is available in a range of different widths and are suitable for use with most ATVs, UTVs and tractors.

Spraymiser 1800, 2000 and 2400 models are available with optional folding wings. This facilitates easlier transportation of the machine and better access to the spray heads during maintenance.


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