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  • The Weedstick has proved to be a very useful piece of artillery against weeds in the lawn. I am not a great gardener; however, walking around and being down hearted every year at the amount of weeds that pop up after using lawn preps, digging out etc can take its toll! With this simple, easy to use Weedstick you can't go wrong. Pop the end off, fill the tube with your own weed killer, press down in the middle of weed and a small amount of liquid is dispensed. Job done! I would highly recommend this tool - good price point and it works too!

    Mrs Trisheil Winder, Gardener
    Surrey, UK

The hand-held Weedstick is a precision applicator for the selective application of herbicides to individual weeds.  It puts weedkiller precisely where it is needed - on the weed.  There is no risk of any spray drift so you can even use it on windy days.

The Weedstick has significant advantages over conventional methods of application such as knapsack sprayers for spot applications or using herbicides in sensitive areas e.g. flower beds.

The Weedstick is simply placed over the weed to be controlled and pressed down to deliver a dose of herbicide.

The applicator is available in two versions: Weedstick and Weedstick+.



  Weedstick  Weedstick+
Weight (empty): 0.14kg 0.21kg
Weight (ready to use): 0.3kg 0.7kg
Capacity: 160ml 450ml