Ulva+ Bracken Pack

Ulva+ Bracken Pack - Ulva + Bracken Pack Ulva+ Bracken Pack - Ulva + Bracken Pack Ulva+ Bracken Pack - Ulva+ green

The ULVA+ sprayer is a hand-held, low volume sprayer which allows rapid treatment of large areas of bracken in a short space of time, when used in conjunction with the herbicide ASULOX™.

The ULVA+ is based on advanced spinning disc technology pioneered by Micron Sprayers Ltd which ensures efficient liquid atomisation. This gives droplets of the right size to optimise spray coverage and allows low spray volumes (only 18 litres per hectare) to be used using a swath width of up to three meters.

Using the ULVA+ a single operator can treat a hectare of bracken in just over 2 hours.  Being battery-powered no pumping is needed for operation and this makes the ULVA+ ideal for treatment of areas of bracken on hillsides and other areas difficult to access using vehicle-mounted sprayers.

The ULVA+ Bracken Pack comes complete with a range of feed nozzles, calibration beaker, 5 protective masks and full instructions for use for bracken control with ASULOX.  Specially designed Micron Micropak backpacks (5 or 10 litre) are available to reduce the number of refilling operations.


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ULV (oil) 
LV (water)  
Weight - empty 
0.8 Kg (with 1 litre bottle) 
1.6 Kg (with 5 litre backpack)  
Weight - ready to spray 
2.6 Kg (with 1 litre bottle) 
7.5Kg ( with 5 litre backpack) 
Power Supply 
9-12V DC 
6-7.5V DC  
(6-8 D-cell/R20 batteries) 
(4-5 D-cell/R20 batteries) 
Power consumption
1.5-2.0 watts 
1.0-1.5 watts
(up to 20 hrs spraying with good quality batteries)
(up to 20 hrs spraying with good quality batteries)
Disc speed 
7,500- 10,000 rpm 
Flow rate range 
Droplet size 
50-100 µm (VMD) 
100-150 µm (VMD)  
Spray pass interval 
up to 3m